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[General News] Ella Chen happily announces her first pregnancy


On the night of October 22nd, S.H.E member, singer and actress Ella Chen announced on her personal Weibo that she is currently pregnant. Ella married husband Alvin Lai in 2012, with this being their first pregnancy. After the initial shock, Ella is elated that their family will have a new adorable member soon!

Weibo post translation:

With my personality that can’t keep a secret, this really gave me a struggle!!! When the time comes I would share (the information) everyone, it’s just that I hoped that everything would be steady before telling everyone, but now is the time!
I want to tell everyone loudly:

At the moment of finding out, “shock” was bigger than being “pleasantly surprised,” because everything happened too suddenly. I sat blankly on the sofa for a while before coming back to conscience. Thank you for all the well wishes from everyone since the beginning, we are going to become a family of four!! (Daddy, mommy, pudding, and baby) I’m so happy so happy so happy 



The next day, Ella attended an event with fellow S.H.E members Hebe and Selina. Ella faced the paparazzi and confirmed once again that she is currently 3 months pregnant and thanked everyone for their well wishes.

Fellow S.H.E members Hebe and Selina also expressed that they cried in happiness when they heard the news.

This happy news comes after two other popular actresses, Ruby Lin and Angelababy, have announced their pregnancies.

Congratulations to all of the happy couples!

  • everyyoulia

    Congrats to her. She’s one of my fav in s.h.e 🙂

    Way to start with happy news

    • wutheringwind

      Happy news is the best way to start methinks! 😀

    • I’ve been a fan of S.H.E for over a decade now, seeing her so happy makes me happy myself!

  • wutheringwind

    Amazing news! She and her husband look absolutely elated! Congrats to them!

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