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[Variety Recap] Masked Singer 2 – Episode 6

In episode 6 of Masked Singer, four out of five participants were unmasked. Let me take you through the episode with this recap!

This episode, we have two new guests on the guessing panel. First was Selina, whom was sitting in for her fellow S.H.E member Ella (unavailable this episode for an unknown reason).

The second guest, Na Ying, was introduced with her own stage, singing “离开我” (Leave Me). The guessing panel was quick to guess who she was thanks to her distinct voice and overall diva aura.

In the first pair of masked singers, we have newcomers “降龙十八掌” (18 Slaps of the Dragon) and “暴脾气的小明” (Grumpy Xiao Ming).

18 Slaps of the Dragon gave a great feeling of familiarity to the panel and audience alike. From his choice of fashion to his mannerisms, it was more and more obvious that it was the show’s biggest jokester, Da Zhangwei, who is usually on the panel but decided to participate as  singer instead. The panel picked him to enter into the solo performance and he chose the song “天天想你” (Thinking of You Every Day), reminding us all that this variety star is still a great singer. As the panel and audience guessed correctly, he was required to remove his mask during his solo performance. After being revealed, he joined the rest of the panel for the rest of the episode.

The second pair we have “不给糖就捣蛋的暴走萝莉” (let’s just call her Lolly for short) and newcomer “大王叫我来巡山” (The King Asked Me to Patrol the Mountains) in a powerful beauty and the beast-esque performance of the song “爱” (Love).

After the performance, Na Ying revealed straight away that she knew who Lolly was as she is one of her students (on The Voice of China). The panel decided to have Lolly go into the next round and naming her as “李嘉格” (Li Jiage). Lolly performed “赤裸裸” (Naked). Lolly removed her mask at the end of the performance, revealing her identity as the beautiful Li Jiage.

The third pair of masked singers consisted of “童话里不是骗人的” (Fairytales Don’t Lie to People – nicknamed Little Prince) and “我可不是什么幺蛾子” (I’m Not Some Kind of Moth), delivering a duet rendition of “我真的受伤了” (I Am Really Hurt).

Since last episode, panelist Eric Moo was sure that he knew who the Little Prince was. After the duet in this episode, Eric proved once again that he knew exactly who he was by describing a time that caused Little Prince to stumble in his once booming career. Eric mentions the incident in which Little Prince was seen drinking with a good friend, but the two was later captured fighting. The panelists immediately remembered the incident involved Gary Chaw and were then confident that Little Prince was Hong Kong American singer and songwriter, Justin Lo. Little Prince delivered a touching solo performance of “好久不见” (Long Time No See).

After his performance, Little Prince confirmed that he was Justin Lo, however was unwilling to remove his mask. Justin said that he wanted to always wear the mask because Little Prince is perfect yet Justin is not. The panelists assured him that he was in a safe environment and he did not have to feel like others would not want to listen to his singing just because of his appearance. After the encouragement of the panelists, Justin removed his mask and was cheered on by the panelists and audience. (I was personally a big fan of Justin during the height of his career so I, too, am cheering him on!)

Following these three pairs, each of the participants that weren’t picked to go into the second rounds later had solo performances so that the panelists get another chance to guess who they are.

I’m Not Some Kind of Moth, whom always appeared dressed as a female, was revealed to be a male singer that rose to fame from The Voice of China, 周深 (Zhou Shen).

Grumpy Xiao Ming and The King both performed but unfortunately, the panel and audience were unsuccessful in guessing who they are. The two of them will be returning in the next episode.

Who do you think Grumpy Xiao Ming and The King are? Tell me in the comments below!