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[Movie News] “Who thinks Luhan is bad at acting?”

“Who thinks Luhan is bad at acting?” asks Andy Lau in support of Lu.

According to the media, Luhan has received doubt from some netizens for his acting abilities. Andy Lau praises Luhan for being devoted to his work. Lau consoles Lu by claiming that he helped Luhan to scold them yesterday. He even made fun of himself by saying that back then he used to receive backlash for his unsatisfactory acting, only receiving recognition when he has aged. “Thankfully you guys (young people) are here, which is why I became someone who knew how to act.” He’s full of wit and knows how to take care of his juniors. This article, which was originally posted on Sina’s official Weibo account earlier today, has since garnered 5237 reposts, 8471 comments, and 59k likes. The comments are filled with support for the rising actor, with the top comment (10k likes) acknowledging his acting skills, “Luhan’s acting skills are indeed decent.”