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[Variety News] Yang Mi trends on Weibo for bruised knees in the latest episode of [Takes a Real Man]

Earlier today, “Yang Mi bruise” was trending on Weibo. Clicking onto the first post, we quickly discover why.

In the latest episode of , Sun Yang’s departure results in a punishment for leader Wang Wei. He is to crawl back and forth 10 times with 30 pounds of weight on his back. Jiang Jinfu and Huang Zitao are in tears. Although bruised, Yang Mi is the first to volunteer for the punishment. In the end, the entire team takes the punishment together. Sun Yang is said to have left the team due to injuries on his finger, fearing that it will affect his sports career.

Netizens seem to be supportive towards both Yang Mi and Sun Yang.

[+1124 likes] Whether it’s the team or in real life, Yang Mi’s attitude has always remained the same. Today’s episode allowed me to see a different side of her; someone who is considerate of others and smiles even when in pain. It pains me, I’m impressed~

[+1073 likes] Sun Yang already completed his training and had his fingers injured. He reported twice and explained that he wished to handle his previously injured finger for fear of future complications that may affect his career, yet he was refused. Furthermore, there weren’t any special situations, absolutely no need for Sun Yang to stay. So what you mean is that Sun Yang has to risk having side effects that will affect his swimming career just to follow the orders?

[+640] Yang Mi is amazing

[+518] Confessing to Yang Mi, she’s too strong

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