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[Feature] Sina Fashion’s 2016 ranking (magazine covers)


Sina Fashion’s exclusive plan #IGoCrazyForCovers# recorded celebrities’ votes and rankings for the entire year. Today, the battle is about to begin to see who can be the year’s king of (magazine) covers.

Most popular magazine cover star (online voting)

Kris Wu
9 magazine covers
149062 votes
Single month champion 3 times (January, March, and December)

Without doubt, Kris Wu is the favored one in #IGoCrazyForCovers#’s voting. His amazing results of 9 magazine covers is inclusive of 3 magazine covers in October, namely 《T》, 《VOGUEme》, and 《GQ》. With sky high exposure, he became the most (exposed) in a single month. With nearly 150k, he is the undoubted king of (magazine) covers.


#IGoCrazyForCovers# 2016 Star’s Exposure Chart

1. Hu Ge (11 covers)
The first place of 2016’s #IGoCrazyForCovers goes to Hu Ge, a total of 11 covers in a span of 12 months, ranging from male magazines to female magazines. Apart from that, in 2016 Hu Ge went to Milan to watch Emporio Armani’s fashion show and became Chanel (perfume and beauty products)’s ambassador.

2. Yang Yang (9 covers)
Second place of 2016’s #IGoCrazyForCovers: Yang Yang. The results of 9 magazine covers prove his abilities as a fresh meat. Furthermore, Yang Yang attended 2 fashion shows in Paris, namely Dior Homme and Valentino.

2. Kris Wu (9 covers)
Kris Wu received second place in 2016’s #IGoCrazyForCovers’s exposure list. He has a result of 9 covers, inclusive of 3 in the month of October. He also became Burberry’s global ambassador. Of course, the covers do not exclude his personal philosophy*.

3. Wallace Huo (7 covers)
Wallace Huo got married in 2016 and became frequently seen on covers at the same time. Part of his 7 covers included a cover with his buddy Hu Ge which became the year’s widely discussed topic.

4. Li Yifeng (6 covers)
Li Yifeng achieved the result of being fourth place in #IGoCrazyForCovers. His January cover with Kris Wu became the netizens’ favorite with 37412 votes.

4. Chris Lee (6 covers)
Chris Lee successfully claims the fourth spot of 2016’s #IGoCrazyForCovers with 6 covers. With her own attitude towards fashion and countless fans, she became Gucci’s (accessories) new ambassador for Asia.

5. Liu Wen (5 covers)
In 2016 Liu Wen returns to Victoria’s Secret’s stage and also made to the 5th place of this list with 5 covers. With a top model’s figure and perfect deductive skills, let your sister become 2016’s top cover choice.

5. Luhan (5 covers)
Although Luhan only made it to 5 covers, his total votes that exceeded 100k still proves his standing as a fresh meat. His August cover of Bazaar even reached 27841 votes, earning him the second place of the netizens’ favorite cover.

#IGoCrazyForCovers netizen’s top ten favorite covers (male)

1、January/Cosmopolitan/Li Yifeng, Kris Wu/37412 votes

2、August/Bazaar/Luhan/27841 votes

3、October/L’Officiel Hommes/Luhan/22918 votes

4、February/Marie Claire/Luhan/22170 votes

5、August/TrendsHealth/ Li Yifeng/20396 votes

6、June/Bazaar/Song Joongki/ 19764 votes

7、December/Elle Men/Kris Wu/19424 votes

8、February/Bazaar (men)/Wu Yifan/16540 votes

9、February/Elle/Hu Ge, Wu Lei, 15669 votes

10、July/Bazaar (men)/Luhan/15326 votes

#IGoCrazyForCovers netizen’s top ten favorite covers (female)

1、May/Bazaar/Bai Baihe/104 votes

2、March/Cosmopolitan/Shu Qi, Huang Bo/102 votes

3、March/Marie Claire/Shu Qi/99 votes

4、March/Elle/Kerr/90 votes

5、November/Bazaar/Jing Tian/89 voted

6、April/Vogue/Ju Xiaowen/86 votes

7、January/Bazaar/Yao Chen/78 votes

8、March/Vogue/Gigi/70 votes

9、September/Vogue/Top Model(s)/61 votes

10、April/Elle/Brie Larson/7 votes

#IGoCrazyForCovers 2016 brands exposure (on covers)

Chanel – 19 times

Dior – 15 times

Burberry – 14 times

Armani – 12 times

LV – 11 times

Gucci – 11 times

Dior Homme – 9 times

BOSS – 7 times

Prada – 6 times

Dolce & Gabbana – 4 times