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[Weibo] JJ Lin Trends on Weibo + Weibo Update

JJ Lin’s hilarious antic strikes again. Yesterday, his tag was already trending among the top 25. Over the night, it slowly rose to the top 10 tags.

#SpringNight# The internet addict, JJ Lin, who was busy playing Dota said: Excuse me, pause for a while, I need to sing a song, don’t leave, I’ll be right back.

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1. [+208] The first group of real singing (i.e. live singing)

2. [+158] I like this group who sang for real

3. [+104] The gaming broadcaster who was interrupted due to the singing

4. [+128] The competitive gamer  (meaning gaming as a profession or for competition) who was interrupted by music

JJ Lin’s Weibo Update

Quoting @CocoLiWen: I had fun!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

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1. [+1226] Happy new year!!! Tonight was awesome and you can finally return and play dota, daddy Lin

2. [+898] Old-Lin, you’re really too handsome today! Wiping your nose out of coldness in the middle (of the performance).

3. [+698] The rare performance of real singing in this entire show

4. [+404] Dota ended? You got your marks so quickly

5. [+143] Happy new year!

6. [+87] Sorry everyone, pause the game a while, I need to sing at “Spring Night”

7. [+79] Teenage gaming addict, happy new year

8. [+69] Alright, your teammates must be rushing you, quickly return