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[Weibo] Kris Wu Is the Representative of ‘Wifi Brows’? + More on Wifi Brows

Earlier today, ‘Wifi Brows’ was trending on Weibo. The website was mostly flooded with photos of Kris Wu. Netizens acknowledged him as the best representative for Wifi Brows.

“Only Kris Wu can slay Wifi Brows. When you can’t find wireless, find handsome Fanfan.’


“Kris Wu truly is a man who brings the halo of a male lead wherever he goes.”


  • Handsome
  • If I had such a good looking boyfriend, I’d be motivated to be the most beautiful woman.
  • <3
  • Very good aura
  • Kris Wu has great responsibility 😀

Some netizens even attempted to replicate the eyebrows, though the results were hilarious.

“Failed Wifi Brows”



“In future, my eyebrows will be like this [tears] Wifi Brows, it’s not very clear, the real results are better than my photography skills [tears]”


Funnily enough, Cheney Chen coincidentally became known for his ‘wifi brows’ as well. It was an unfortunate injury that resulted in his new look.

“#CheneyChenInjury# On the 28th, @CheneyChen made his first public appearance since injury, also marking the first exposure of his facial injury. From the red carpet photos, we can tell that his right eyebrow bone has three medical plasters on it, with slight bruising on the corner of his eye. Earlier, his studio revealed that Cheney Chen got injured while on a vacation with his family. Hereby, his clear front-view photos are exposed for the first time. Wuli Dongdong with plasters on his eyebrow tragically became Wifi Brows, but it still doesn’t affect his handsomeness.”