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[Feature] A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Acting Careers of China’s Young Male Actors (Li Yifeng, Kris Wu, Luhan, Yang Yang, Zhang Yixing, etc)

This post was written by 诸葛 from Box Office Bar. Original post here. The post is long and a lot of fresh meats are included but we will only be translating evaluations for the ones who have high box office performances.


Personal box office is calculated by dividing the total gross of the movie by the actors’ placement in the billing. So it goes Movie Gross ÷ Billing Position. For example Jing Boran is billed second in Lost And Love so his personal box office is the total gross of the movie divided by 2.

Box office numbers included in the calculation are only for movies where the actors have top 5 billing.


Thinking about it closely, this batch of after 85 (born after 1985) fresh meats only rose a year or two ago, without even waiting for the audience to be ready, springing up in large amounts, gathering like bees. Once again, without waiting for the audience to be ready, they were all pushed to the point where the going is toughest. They compete in hate against one another, there are many people but little porridge; the competition can be compared to The Three Kingdoms War, everyone wants to quickly stand firm within these two years. They do all they can and work their hardest which results in the flourishing of the industry now. In this prosperous situation of numerous different styles, all fresh meats after 85 and 90 are able to find their niche in the industry that is as deep as the ocean. They definitely must have their advantages. In this thread, I’ll bring in the numbers and give a rundown of various fresh meats of the industry and analyze their future roads for development. Jing Boran, Li Yifeng, Kris Wu, Lin Gengxin, Yang Yang, Luhan, William Chan, Cheney Chen, Zhang Yixing, Liu Haoran, Huang Xuan, Dong Zijian, Ou Hao (in no particular order). If you desire to know their future paths, please read my analysis.

(In no particular order)

Jing Boran

Chinese name: 井柏然

English name: Jing Boran

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Han

Birthplace: Shenyang

Birthdate: April 19, 1989

Height: 183 cm

Box Office Numbers:

Personal Box Office: 2.613 billion yuan

Average rating of movies and average number of people rating:


Speaking of Jing Boran’s movies, I can use two idioms to describe: smooth-sailing and enjoying while sitting (t/n: meaning he got it easily). He is considered a lucky person, leaning against a tree for shade. Signs with Huayi early and now working with Anle, his movie resources are high and not a worry. His debut movie “Hot Summer Days” may be an anthology film  but partnering Nicholas Tse and Jacky Cheung and other top stars, he was nominated for best newcomer. If we say “Hot Summer Days” is a good start for Jing Boran, “Monster Hunt” is definitely a peak of Jing Boran’s road of movies. Putting all others aside, just with the 2.4 billion high box office puts on top of the fresh meats after 85. Furthermore, it’s a movie series. Good box office results are to be anticipated.

Looking at the rules from the movies, I repeatedly think about his movie Lovers of Hell with director Lou Ye and Golden Horse award winner actress Ma Sichun. It seems like he’s running towards the awards, I hope that he can achieve his wishes. But there’s a point, if he wishes to go on a path of movies with high resources, then Lin Gengxin will undoubtedly become his rival. From the looks of recent years, we can see the tension already. When picking movies, both actors gravitate towards big directors, counting on hot IP, their reputation is guaranteed with high box office. But both have the same weakness which is that they can’t handle box office themselves. Till this day, all their movies depend on esteemed directors or IP. The moment they leave their resources, their box office becomes too painful to watch. “Up In The Wind” revealed Jing Boran’s true box office capabilities. But upon taking on Time Raiders with big IP, the box office exploded, also helping him make a breakthrough in box office. But watching his recent activities, attending variety then taking on television dramas, we know he’s hoping the have a breakthrough in terms of popularity as well. I’d like to give him a small advice here—Don’t lose the watermelon while picking up the sesame seed. Consider the plots seriously, refrain from investing recklessly and revealing your own inadequacies. In a generation of substandard professionalism from Fresh Meats, your best bet is your reputation.

Lin Gengxin

Chinese name: 林更新

English name: Kenny Lin

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Han

Birthplace: Shenyang

Birthdate: February 13, 1988

Height: 186 cm

Box Office Numbers:

Personal Box Office: 1.798 billion

Average rating of movies and average number of people rating:


Lin Gengxin debuted as a regular actor with good visuals and proper aura, a very orthodox path for an actor. His role as the affectionate 14th prince in debut drama Scarlet Heart scored him fame. Many accumulated dramas then gave him national fame.

After joining the movie industry, he was appreciated by genius director Tsui Hark, building a strong foundation in the movie world. Being a male actor implemented by Tsui shark, Lin Gengxin gave exciting performances in Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, The Taking of Tiger Mountain, and Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back.

He was nominated as best new comer for Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. We can say his acting career is smooth-sailing. His movie reputation and average box office is doing good too. His various guest appearances imply that he has good connections in the industry too, his further resources are not a source of worry.  Being one of those after 85 to stand out, of course Lin Gengxin’s taste in movies is much more careful. Although the impact of God of War: Zhao Yun and For a Few Bullets is not big, it reveals his weakness. Sword Master failed to hit expectations too. How to prove his ability to jump back is what he needs to consider now. At the same time, an actor’s precious time should be used on filming. Movies like You Wan Mei Wan (t/n: no English title, roughly means “Are you quite done”) does nothing to improve a rising actor. You don’t gain better reputation or become a classic character.

Please love your own feathers. The good thing is afterwards, Lin Gengxin has exploding potential, with movies in one hand and dramas in the other. This year, he worked with Zhao Liying for Princess Agents and Tsui Hark for Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings. No need to worry about ratings, topics, box office, or reputation!

Zhang Yixing

Chinese name:  张艺兴

English name:  Lay

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Han

Birthplace:  Changsha

Birthdate: October 7, 1991

Height:  179 cm

Box Office Numbers:

Partnering with Jackie Chan’s Kungfu Yoga which attained 1.6 billion box office helped his box office results.

Personal Box Office: 692 million

Average rating of movies and average number of people rating:

The average amount of users who gave ratings is only 30k+. Furthermore, his movies barely have any discussion including Kungfu Yoga which achieved high box office, compared to the number of ratings of the other movies released in the same period.


Zhang Yixing debuted in a Korean boy group and is active in the Chinese entertainment industry. He joined Go Fighting in 2015 with the image of a little sheep, successfully becoming one of the many fresh meats. Of course, in terms of movies, he refused to be lonely. Together with Cheney Chen and Li Xiaolu, he made his debut in “Oh My God”. However, be it the plot or performance, this movie carried numerous backlash with a less than ideal box office. Even Zhang Ziyi’s participation didn’t help much. He didn’t gain much attention for participating in variety movie Royal Treasure but definitely earned some money. Afterwards, he was guided by Sun Honglei to participate in drama “To Be A Better Man” and the big IP “The Mystic Nine”. Acting career became smooth sailing and led to a small peak in his career when he worked with Jackie Chan for Kungfu Yoga which achieved high box office for the 2017 Spring Festival. He played a cute goodie two shoes Xiao-guang. We can tell that Zhang Yixing tends to choose characters that display inherent qualities, fairly conservative. In 2017, he acted with Korean artist Krystal Jung for “Unexpected Love”. A love story between a dancer and a singer which feels like rather a small breakthrough but you can anticipate his dancing skills. He also filmed “Operation Love” with Chen Duling but chances of high ratings is low. Zhang Yixing’s popularity and resources are slowly increasing, I believe that working hard will lead to a good development, do it slowly.

Yang Yang

Chinese name:  杨洋

English name:  Yang Yang

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Han

Birthplace:  Shanghai

Birthdate: September 9, 1991

Height: 180 cm

Box Office Numbers:

Personal Box Office: 439 million yuan

Average rating of movies and average number of people rating:


Yang Yang, an actor from People’s Liberation Army of Art. The only two times I formed an impression of him was during 2010’s new version of Dream of Red Mansions and the web-series version of Zhang Qiling. With great visual, he can pull of the elegance and nobility of historical characters as well as a cold character. The rest are nothing worth caring about. The only other time he shone was when he acted as Zhan Shiwu in The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan. Although Yang Yang didn’t profit from substantial box office or reputation, it broke the audience’s initial opinion of him. From then on, Yang Yang’s choice of characters became more diverse, no longer the single flavored positive characters. The Left Ear once again helped him to break free from his shackles as he plays Xu Yi who turned bad from good. The Left Ear had good box office and the director did quite well in his virgin work which allowed people to see unlimited potential in Yang Yang. From this, we can see that his discussion inflated and it wasn’t arbitrary. Afterwards, he acted in a big IP drama “The Lost Tomb”. Although it had terrible reputation and production, he still made his presence known with his character as Zhang Qiling. In 2015, his popularity exploded and his willingness to exceed himself brought Yang Yang many resources which included a big IP adapted from an internet novel, One Smile Can Be Very Alluring which in itself already brings popularity. Also, he partnered with Liu Yifei in the movie version of historical IP Once Upon A Time and with Deng Chao and Bai Baihe in I Belonged To You. We can say he was at his peak. What surprised people was his performance in I Belonged To You. It had a different sense of decadence than Xu Yi (from The Left Ear). On the outside, he is careless about his appearance yet he is particular and meticulous on the inside. Due to The Lost Tomb, The Whirlwind Girl, and One Smile Can Be Very Alluring, that did exceptionally well and movies with good results, Yang Yang attained Martial Universe which had great resources. The director himself stirs some buzz. The situation is yet again favorable. Yang Yang’s classical aura and good looks lead him to act as the male leads in hot IP internet novels so he shortly became one of the popular fresh meats in just two years. But for better prospects, he definitely cannot only take IP works. The current Yang Yang is one of those at the top of amazing fresh meats whether in popularity or commercial value. There’s no need to take historical idol dramas or youth films to garner fans so he should avoid this. Carefully choose the scripts and consider advancing into the “skills team” (meaning not to make money off his looks/popularity but his (acting) skills). I heard that Zhang Yimou’s new work Three Kingdoms will have Yang Yang’s alliance. If true, I really congratulate. I think that Yang Yang has good prospects.

Kris Wu

Chinese name:  吴亦凡

English name:  Kris Wu

Nationality: Canadian

Ethnicity: Han

Birthplace: Guangzhou

Birthdate:  November 6, 1990

Height: 187 cm

Box Office Numbers:

Not long since he entered showbiz yet box office results are amazingly astounding.

Personal Box Office: 3.084 billion yuan

Average rating of movies and average number of people rating:

As many as 150k people rated his movies, very high.


Kris Wu’s first movie is a collaboration with Xu Jinglei in 2015, Somewhere Only We Know. He acted as a sentimental young man which gave him a good starting point for his movie road. But his first acknowledgment came from playing Tan Xiaofei in Mr Six. The credit goes to not just his characterization that excelled but also Guan Hu’s eye for picking actors. He complemented Kris Wu’s physical characteristics with the character well. He succeeded in creating a combination of a top notch movie and high actors’ commercial value. With good timing and making the best out of his opportunities, both the box office and reputation excelled; a rare success.

Next there were two youth films. This may be Kris Wu’s attempt at finding a place in the industry. Continuing to get the main lead after his virgin work, the box office further proved his commercial value. However, it also brought arguments in regards to his reputation. All the signs tell that newbie Kris Wu is heavily influenced by directors. Among all his other movies, Never Gone which had the most negative impact on his reputation was done by a completely inexperienced director, it was the director’s first movie. Mr Six which had both box office and reputation had Guan Hu, Feng Xiaogang and other big shots. Kris Wu noticed this as well, we can see that he became more careful in accepting works and working partners. For example, the fervently discussed Journey to the West: The Demon Strikes Back had resources from Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark. A hard to come by chance for most male actors and he held onto it tightly, sacrificing his selling point “handsomeness” and became ugly and shaved off his head. From movies like Europe Raiders (collaboration with Tony Leung), Valerian (collaboration with Luc Besson) and the currently screening xXx: Return of Xander Cage (collaboration with a Hollywood director), we can see that he is widening his acting path and excavating his potential; a deeper attempt of trying (new things). Right now, Kris Wu’s commercial value is not to be suspected. Even Sweet Sixteen, a film that many people can’t find in their hearts, has high results of 150 million. Passing on smoothly for merely two years, he has achieved substantial results. This is his advantage. At the same time he has exceptional linguistic abilities. He nearly monopolized all of the overseas market; an international giant with no competition. The interesting thing is, he has the best resources and at the same time is the most controversial. Judging from now, Kris Wu is exceptional with high commercial value, it is no doubt that he wants to go to a high-end business path. But if he wants to improve step by step, what he needs most is public recognition and awards. I hope that after he’s walked the high-end path well, he can settle down and do works with depth. We’ll wait and see and I anticipate his future works.


Chinese name:  鹿晗

English name:  Luhan

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Han

Birthplace: Beijing

Birthdate: April 20, 1990

Height: 178 cm

Box Office Numbers:

Personal Box Office: 702 million yuan

Average rating of movies and average number of people rating:


Luhan is also a fresh meat who came back after nullifying his contract in Korea. His first movie is a Korea-China production “Back to 20”. Personally, I think his first work is chosen pretty well. The character synchronizes well with his personal characteristics. For a newbie who has never acted, holding this well won’t be too difficult. Furthermore his acting is indeed satisfactory and the film received a good performance of 366 million. It opened the door for his movie journey. Next, The Witness being his second movie is a good move. He’s paired with after 85 flower (young actress) Yang Mi. Yang Mi is the kind of female actress who brings high box office and views with decent acting to a certain degree. When met with a good plot, she’ll do very well and not create too much mess. If this group of fresh meats can’t get resources such as a big IP or esteemed directors, I suggest for them to consider working with Yang Mi. Therefore, up till now, when Luhan has yet to have a firm standing in the industry, choosing a remake of a Korean movie, paired off with Yang Mi who guarantees high box office and Zhu Yawen with solid acting skills while steadily exercising his potential, The Witness is able to hit a box office of 215 million. I want to praise Luhan’s company for scheduling him well. Though his movies are little, they are smart. They won’t go wrong yet they can get pretty good box office results.

But I disagree with last year’s Time Raiders. Although it achieved 1 billion box office, his saga with Jing Boran caused a fair bit of trouble. This will divert people’s attention to the mess and in turn neglect the movie itself, causing detrimental results to actors trying to establish a positive image in the industry. At the same times, it reflects an issue—when two fresh meats have similar skills and influence, its best to avoid having them appear in the same movie so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. Actually, a big IP movie like Time Raiders should have done better and brought better results for Luhan while it was a hot topic. A pity it was a bad move. Lastly, looking at The Great Wall, although Luhan doesn’t have a lot of scenes, showing face in such a heavily invested big production is already a recognition to his popularity. As for his future movies, I have some opinions. I hope that he can try advancing in medium to large-scale productions and expand his acting path, try changing his singular taste, not anymore of those male leads of small-medium productions or a small character with meager scenes in big productions. He should slowly invest in good directors, good plots, more challenging characters, and work with experienced actors. This will guarantee that his quality rises and he’ll receive more opportunities with better results. Looking forward to his future development.

Li Yifeng

Chinese name: 李易峰

English name: Li Yifeng

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Han

Birthplace: Chengdu

Birthdate: May 4, 1987

Height: 181 cm

Box Office Numbers:

Less movies but every movie had a rather good box office.

Personal Box Office: 685 million yuan

Average rating of movies and average number of people rating:

Quite a lot of people rated. Movies are quite “hot”.


Unlike his dramas that did exceedingly well, his movies are quite tender. From earlier less known works such as Love Sick to being paired off with a trending flower in purely commercial production Fall in Love Like a Star to the hosting world in a major production by He Jiong in Forever Young. There’s nothing to compliment when it comes to Li Yifeng’s big screen image.  Furthermore his reputation is lacking. In comparison, Mr Six can be said to be his breakthrough work although the characterization is average but his victory lies in not wavering in scenes with experienced actors. His performance in his movies are steady, using Xiaobo to win Hundred Flowers Award (Best Supporting Actor). We can say he made a big profit with small investments.

What sets him apart from other fresh meats who became popular due to their fans, his nationwide fame is gotten steadily and surely, step by step. Sparrow (2016) garnered him more positive feelings. In 2017, he began his attempts in movies, working with experienced actors Liao Fan and Wan Qian, also advancing into Animal World (t/n: no known English title, direct translation), a movie with complexities, novel topics, and reliable cast. From being the supporting character of a big production to the lead of small commercial film and to a movie with plentiful topics, we can tell that Li Yifeng’s movie path is planned and orderly. For an actor, Li Yifeng’s eyes are too soulless, constantly feel that his eyes bear no emotions. I hope he can train his “eye skills” (it’s a pun to acting skills). Also, movies and dramas are different. Dubs should be something you do yourself. If Li Yifeng placed value in honing his accent, he would have definitely received more recognition from Mr Six.

Summary of results

Average Douban film ratings:

Tendency to have poor reputation. The only with averages above 6 are Huang Xuan and Dong Zijian. What I didn’t expect was that there were actually those with averages below 4.6. In comparison, those above 5.5 are considered pretty good.

Average number of Douban reviewers:

Ranking of Douban average amount of raters, the only one with an average of about 150K raters is Kris Wu. When it comes to the attention for his movies it’s something I can’t deny. 2017 CNY Journey to the West 2 and XXX3, both movies made over 1 billion, the box office bar is full of his topics that I’m starting to get annoyed.

Luhan, Li Yifeng, and Liu Haoran exceeded 100K raters. Luhan and Li Yifeng are not surprising due to their high discussion rate but Liu Haoran is a fresh appearance.

Box Office Performance Ranking:

Kris Wu, Jing Boran, and Lin Gengxin have great results, other fresh meats continue to work hard.

Netizen Reactions:

NirvanaJason: 很好奇5年之后这批人还有谁在

Really curious over who from these people will still be here 5 years later

一路有晗1981: 我鹿一步一个脚印,继续加油

My Lu’s every single footstep, continue to work hard

菲司小样: 我就想说一些人国内制作五番一些粉丝都把票房算自己偶像实绩, 吴亦凡好莱坞四番还是被范迪塞尔,甄子丹,迪皮卡三位大前辈压番,含金量很高 , 再加上好莱坞主演之一都算票房 楼上有些说四番算票房的笑掉大牙。看看自己家的内地制作四五番吧. 先有商业价值实绩被认识,后面都慢慢挑角色来被认可,不失为一个好的选择. 还有一些好的演员廖凡,影帝吧,也想演大制作,但是商业价值不高没人找。现在的小鲜肉都有自身的商业价值,尔后静心磨练吧,慢慢来

I just want to say that for some actors’ fifth place billing within Mainland productions, the fans will include the box office numbers as their idol’s accomplishments. Kris Wu’s fourth billing within a Hollywood movie only follows the three big seniors Vin Diesel, Donnie Yen, and Deepika. It has high value. Plus in Hollywood, the main cast all get credit for the box office. There are some up there saying fourth billing getting credit to box office makes them laugh, look at your own idol’s fourth/fifth billing within Mainland productions. First get recognition for your commercial value, then pick roles for acknowledgment, that is a good decision. There are some good actors like Liu Fan, he’s a movie king and wants to be in big productions too, but he doesn’t have high commercial value so no one casts him. Nowadays, the little fresh meat all have their own commercial value, just quietly develop it, slowly.

咎甴臫取: 看了一下数据,不管是电影票房还是口碑张艺兴都是垫底,演技为负,从天儿降和功夫瑜伽里本色出演小绵羊人设,台词弱的一逼,长相还路人,楼主不用看好了,我觉得他最多两年就被淘汰了。

After seeing the data, no matter if it’s movie box office or word of mouth, Zhang Yixing is at the bottom. Acting abilities are not good, his characters in Oh My God and Kungfu Yoga are just him playing his own little sheep type. His lines are weak as hell. He looks like a passerby. OP there’s no need to be hopeful, I think he’ll stick around for two years at most before getting eliminated.

高贵冷艳的蜜蜂: 以后可能这些人分两波,一波商业,一波文艺

In the future, these people may be split into two categories. One is for business, one is for artistry.

Jkxxls: 现阶段要么商业要么奖项要么两样都有,如果都没有,至少得抓住一样吧,最可怕的是两样都没有还成天吹口碑演技实际上查无此人,吴亦凡观影人数这量级就不是一个层次,他现在缺的是时间和资历,更需要一个可靠的导演影片来证明自己。总之,路还长要继续努力,还是挺看好他的。

Right now you either need commercial value or awards, or both. If you don’t have either, you need to at least get a hold of one. The scariest ones are those without either and they’re known for their incomparable terrible acting. Kris Wu’s audience size is not at the same level. The only thing he needs is time and a resume. Even more, he needs a reliable director and production to prove himself. All in all, the road is still long and he must keep working hard, I’m rooting for him.

weini559999: 理智地说,黄轩今年存货已经领先了,看票房和口碑,但毫无疑问的是年底再做表格的话他肯定会上来。另外看下来吴亦凡真的是责任好大,被评论top1,缺的只是时间,他的资质无论在什么领域都是最有存在感的,何况脸真的很适合大荧幕。

Rationally, Huang Xuan’s projects are already leading, look at the box office and word of mouth. There is no doubt that he will be high on the list at the end of the year when they do the rankings again. Additionally, it looks like Kris Wu’s got a lot of pressure: #1 most talked about, the only thing he needs is time. No matter in what aspect, his qualifications have the most presence. Plus, his face really suits the big screen.

寒早暖日: 黄轩今年会飞升的,吴亦凡今年拍的片子直接关系到明年能不能稳固地位

Huang Xuan will fly high this year, the movies Kris Wu films this year will directly impact whether he will be able to stand steadily in his place for next year.

kuosit72: 差距已经显现,各位继续努力,作为85团粉希望他们每个都有进步呃

The difference is already clear, everyone should continue to work hard. As a fan of team 85 I hope they will all improve

zhenglanff: 表白楼主,大工程了!最爱看数据贴,不容易被洗脑,什么通稿啊新闻的都真假掺半,只有实绩才是真的。

Confession to OP, you worked hard! I love seeing data threads, it’s not as easy to brainwash people. Releases and news are all half truth half lies, only performance is real.

基诺_3799: 盗墓笔记鹿晗一番谢谢,另外有些人真是费尽心机黑我鹿啊,小鲜肉的豆瓣评分也能当回事?盗笔上映前两小时豆瓣就刷了将近几千个0分差评,这还只是冰山一角,这种评分也能那来得意洋洋地嘲,果然叫不醒一个装睡的人

Time Raider top billing is Lu Han, thanks. Also there are people who are really working hard to hate on my Lu. Douban ratings for little fresh meat are considered important? Two hours before Time Raiders was released, there were a couple thousand ratings of 0 on Douban. This is only a part of it, even this can be used to show off? Indeed, it’s not possible to wake up someone who pretends to sleep.

烦心哭倒在浴室: @基诺_3799墓笔记井柏然一番无误 难道咱们看的不是一部电影还是你瞎了片头没有出演员的名字 片尾出了两次两次都是井柏然排前面

(reply to above) There is no misunderstanding that Time Raider’s top billing is Jing Boran. Is it that we didn’t watch the same movie or are you blind? The beginning of the film didn’t show the actor’s names, it showed up in the ending credits. Each time had Jing Boran’s name first.

xback努力努力x: 吴亦凡的烂演技也能吹成这样? 太可怕了

Kris Wu’s terrible acting can be hyped up like this? This is too scary

嘻哈呵呵呀啦嗦: 以,因为别人没有好莱坞四番,我凡的也就不算啦?就像之前看到有人盘点时尚,因为别人没有走过秀,只有我凡在伦敦走秀且是领闭。然后就把我凡这一项成绩自动忽略啦 ,是吗?

Because others don’t have fourth billing in a Hollywood movie, my Kris’ doesn’t count? It’s like earlier when I saw someone talk about fashion, because others never walked a show, only my Kris closed a show in London, they ignored my Kris’ accomplishment, is that it?

明月心lx: 一路看下来,感觉吴亦凡真是不错!成绩单很漂亮!难怪有些人黑!

Looking at it all, seems like Kris Wu is really not bad! His accomplishments are beautiful! No wonder there are people hating!

总是已被注册0: 最大的共同点演技都很烂

The biggest similarity is that all their acting is really bad

从心开始231: 在国内娱乐圈最注重的事商业价值,其他都是次要,尤其是由小鲜肉主演的电影。其实他妈也想拍几部口碑好的电影吧,磨练演技啥的,但有的时候,公司不让。明知道小时代,爵迹,盗墓笔记是烂片,但是你还得上。最后给人的感觉中国电影圈演技断层,30岁以下长的帅的没几个演技及格的。

The Chinese entertainment industry cares the most about commercial value, everything else is secondary. Especially films that star little fresh meat, they actually want to film some movies that will have good praises and practice their acting skills, but sometimes their companies don’t allow them. Knowing that Tiny Times, LORD, and Time Raiders are bad films, but you still need to do them. In the end, it gives off the feeling that Chinese movie industry’s acting skills are getting lower. Out of those under 30 years old who are handsome, there are few whose acting skills are acceptable.

wxywxy1127: 从这个帖子也能看出来,吴亦凡最有讨论度,关注度的,所以说商业价值确实最大了。

From this thread you can see that Kris Wu gets the most discussion and attention, so his commercial value is indeed really high. The thread clearly mentioned so many male actors, but the comments are mostly discussing Kris Wu, although there are both fans and haters. But are you all considering the others dead! Why don’t you talk about the others and only give Kris Wu so much attention! All of you who are running over to give him traffic, thank you all!

陌小柒714: 看好井柏然林更新和吴亦凡…….希望我不是毒奶

I’m rooting for Jing Boran, Lin Gengxin, and Kris Wu. Hopefully I’m not bad luck and jinx them

Translated by people from the Two C-ents team, Liu Xing and chuanqi. Please don’t take without credit.

  • Anna

    Hey do you have the analysis for William, Cheney and Liu Haoran?

    • Wuthering Wind

      We have the untranslated ones. We’ll try to translate it if we can.

  • mic

    lol i feel like JBR has kai ko’s scandal to thank bc he picked up 2 of his projects iirc.

    • Wuthering Wind

      Monster Hunt was his big break and that was all thanks to Kai Ko needing to be replaced. Such a shame though, I do think Kai Ko is the more charismatic actor.