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[Drama Recap] Long For You 我与你的光年距离 (2017) Episodes 1 & 2

Premiered on Valentine’s Day, this webdrama just finished airing on LeTV with a short run of 21 episodes (25 mins each) and is currently awaiting to be licensed on viki. The story is based on the Korean manga Seol Hee by Kang Kyung Ok. I don’t usually watch webdramas because they’re never long enough to satisfy me lol, but I’m going to give Long For You a chance since immortal love stories spanning thousands of years is totally my guilty pleasure. I mean, I even watched Danson Tang’s Love In Time (2015) and TVB’s Blue Veins (2016)! I don’t think this will be nearly as cheesy? Hopefully not? Well, we will find out!

Episode 1

The first episode opens with a series of melancholic shots of our female lead Li Xue Ji (Zhou Yu Tong) as she travels on a ferry, stands on the edge of a cliff, and walks along the beach as she narrates, “Did you know? Crows remember every face they see. A thousand years… every night and day are painfully long. I’ve been searching for one face. In cities, the countryside, the wilderness, the sea, and grave sites…  I’ve seen countless faces, but none of them are like the one in my memories. I don’t know… Will I ever see you again?”

A man dressed in a suit enters a large victorian mansion and walks up the stairs to a room. Inside, a grey haired man lies in bed with an oxygen mask on; he is Li Shi Zong. He motions for the doctor by his bedside to help him take it off so he can speak, and he then asks his visitor, “Is she… living well?” And the man, Tao De assures him that she is, but asks if they must handle the inheritance this way? Many problems will arise. “This is a promise I made to her,” the bedridden man says, “Tell her… I miss her,”

In the next scene, we are taken to a cemetery where a funeral is taking place. Li Shi Zong has passed away. Gathered together is his family. They look sad. But, when the service ends and everyone leaves, it seems the family isn’t merely mourning for the passing of a loved one, other things are troubling them: the inheritance.

The woman in the car, Wen Lei asks her son Li Zhe (Wang Yilun) what he plans to do now. A huge chunk of inheritance has been left for the illegitimate daughter, is he really going to just let her have it? He smirks and says he’s already earned enough. His mother though, is not as easily satisfied as he is and immediately asks her driver, Lao Qiao if he had found any information on that girl. Lao Qiao informs her that the girl has already arrived, but the moment her flight landed she had ran off to play.

The girl they’ve been referring to is none other than Xue Ji. She’s enjoying a helicopter ride. Tao De, the butler is waiting for her. He hopes that she will leave with him. She asks if she really must and he reminds her that she already missed her father’s funeral. There are many other matters awaiting her now. Xue Ji tells him if she were to go with him, then she’s never coming back here again. He doesn’t seem to understand. So, she explains that to a person (aka her) who has spent 18 years on an isolated island, everything on the outside world is fresh and exciting.

Li Shi Zong’s wife Qin Si angrily storms into Tao De’s office and throws her bag onto his files. She knows Xue Ji had arrived and questions why no one told her in advance and suggests doing a DNA test. Tao De tells her that there is no reason to do so, as it doesn’t matter whether Xue Ji is the biological daughter or not, since Li Zhe had gotten his share of the inheritance as well. Also, he reminds her that while Mr. Li had passed away, she should still be mindful of her actions as many people are still watching.

She looks guilty and leaves without saying any more. But, then goes and complains to her lover about the inheritance. She had been together with Li Shi Zong for ten years, while Xue Ji hasn’t done anything at all, yet she’s getting so much money. Something had to be done. Qin Si plots to kill Xue Ji. She’s just waiting for the right time…

Tao De and Xue Ji walk together in the streets of Paris. Xue Ji says the city is even more incredible than what she had seen on the internet. Tao De tells Xue Ji her life will completely change from now on. He will help her with the legal process of the inheritance and informs her that Mr. Li had left a beautiful villa by the seaside for her. She asks just exactly how much money she has right now. Tao De shows her the document; she had inherited $21 billion USD. Xue Ji happily asks if she can buy a car, since she’s now rich and all. The go to a car dealer and she purchases a yellow Ferrari cause she had seen it in a drama before (lol)

Over lunch, Tao De tells Xue Ji the things she should do from now on, such as attending events in place of her father. He also suggests getting her some body guards. Xue Ji has a different plan though. She’s going to let Tao De take care of her inheritance from here on out. Xue Ji trusts Li Shi Zong’s judgement, therefore she trusts Tao De. Hearing this, he asks if she isn’t sad at all about her father’s passing. Xue Ji nonchalantly states that he was eighty-one years old; he’s lived a long life. Moreover, she hadn’t seen him for tens of years and has been stuck on the island all this time. It was only after his death that she could leave that place. She is thankful that he kept his promise to her mother.

Xue Ji dreams that night, she hears a man apologizing and we see a cloaked figure passing through the forest with a lantern. Shaken, Xue Ji drinks a glass of water in the kitchen.

The next day, Xue Ji meets the Li family over a meal. Present at the table are Qin Si (Li Shi Zong’s wife), Wen Lei (Li’s third wife), Lisa (Li’s previous wife’s daughter), Xue Li and Ke Ni (Li’s second wife’s children). Li Zhe (the third wife’s son) will be arriving later and they don’t forget to mention that he isn’t Li’s biological son. He was adopted.

Xue Ji is cheerful while everyone is extremely tense. As she starts to eat, they get to the point, they want to “manage” the inheritance on her behalf, since Tao De is an outsider after all. Xue Ji listens with a smile and tells them no. The money is hers. It was a present from her father. She will do whatever she wants with it.

Unbothered by the awkward atmosphere, Xue Ji asks for some dessert. Qin Si takes her to the kitchen. While eating a slice of cake, Xue Ji asks if her father lived well. Qin Si says of course, he had such a young wife such as herself. Then she mentions Xue Ji’s mother, noting that based on photographs, they look very much alike. Xue Ji’s mood turns sour and decides to leave.

Li Zhe shows up and offers to drive her. But she rejects his offer. Tao De asks why she wouldn’t let Li Zhe escort her and she explains, Li Zhe seems rather unpredictable and not the type to follow the rules. She thinks he definitely wouldn’t have simply driven her home. Li Zhe appears amused at her conclusion of Li Zhe and doesn’t counter it.

Sometime later, Li Zhe calls Tao De to ask how Xue Ji is doing (but here he calls her Ai Li Sha, I believe her English name is Alice). Tao De reports that over the last few days Xue Ji had went out to explore Paris on her own. But, she’s at home now surfing the internet, and she only leaves the house for her driving lessons. Li Zhe asks for Xue Ji’s number. Li Zhe calls Xue Ji and invites her out for dinner. She declines, but he shows up at her place with a cake anyway. Surprised, Xue Ji welcomes him with a smile and brews him a cup of coffee.

Sitting outside, Li Zhe muses about back when they were kids, he almost met her. He had gone to the island with his father and he caught a glance of Xue Ji’s mother. She had her back towards him as she gazed out at the sea. Li Zhe thought she looked really lonely. Xue Ji tells him she doesn’t like talking about her mother.

So, Li Zhe changes the subject by playfully teasing her, criticizing her attire and telling her that she is the only woman he’s ever met who has absolutely zero color on her lips. That’s inexcusable. In her defense, she reminds him she just left the island not too long ago. She will dress up and learn to do her makeup in time! He taunts her with a smile. Xue Ji scoffs and asks if he came all the way here just to insult her. No, definitely not. He says he’ll take her somewhere. She refuses to go, not wanting to be snapped by paparazzi, but he drags her along.

Li Zhe drives Xue Ji to the seaside. She asks if he thinks dreams can come true and he answers no. All dreams end once you wake up. But, Xue Ji says she will continue believing in them because without dreams… she wouldn’t be able to see that person anymore. Li Zhe doesn’t understand. Xue Ji doesn’t elaborate. She asks to borrow his car, to go for a drive alone and she will call someone to pick him up. He gives her his keys.

On the road, a black car chases Xue Ji and blocks her path. Two men step out of the vehicle. Armed with a gun, they walk up to Xue Ji and shoot her directly in the chest… [End of Episode]

Episode 2

The men toss Xue Ji into the woods and they take pictures of her dead body. They send the pictures to Qin Si, who smiles evilly as she sips her red wine. A text pops up on Xue Ji’s phone, Li Zhe asks if she had gotten home safely. Xue Ji lies unconscious.

Li Zhe is in a business meeting. He speaks in perfect English and successfully secures a deal. Li Zhe is invited to lunch, but he tells them he’s got something else planned. Then he smugly tosses the contract to his assistant and walks out of the room.

With a cake, Li Zhe goes to Xue Ji’s house. No one answers the door so he calls Tao De, who has no idea where Xue Ji is either. Tao De arrives with the key. They enter the house, but can’t find her anywhere. Li Zhe gets anxious. He wonders if she might be lost and Tao De worries about the possibility of a car accident. Xue Ji’s mother had died in a collision…

As if suddenly remembering something, Li Zhe says he was five years old that year, and asks if that was when she passed away. Tao De says it was 1995, and Li Zhe realizes his memories didn’t add up. He was five in 1997 and that was the year he went to the island and saw who he had thought was Xue Ji’s mother. It couldn’t have been her then, if she died in an accident two years prior. So, who was that woman? Tao De doesn’t offer an answer. Li Zhe suggests they split up to look for Xue Ji.

Out in the woods, Xue Ji suddenly coughs and wakes up… Looking at herself and her surroundings, she snickers. She didn’t think Qin Si would act this quickly. Picking up her phone, she calls Tao De to pick her up. He arrives and is startled by her injuries. Xue Ji absolutely won’t go to the hospital though. With no other choice, he takes her home and asks if he should get a doctor to come over. She insists she is fine; the less people who knows about this, the better. Tao De asks what happened and she bluntly tells him she was murdered by a gun. He doesn’t seem too surprised that she’s still alive and well. Xue Ji knows Li Shi Zong must have investigated her. So Tao De too must know a lot about her as well. She is right, he does know. But, he promises he will keep it a secret. Xue Ji decides she trusts him, only him.

Xue Ji showers and comes out of the bathroom just as Li Zhe runs into her house. She greets him casually and says she ate the cake he brought over. It was delicious. But, Li Zhe has no time for small talk; he spins her around to make sure she wasn’t hurt anywhere. Then demands to know why she didn’t come home. She says she was robbed and the car ran out of gas, so she left it in the outskirts of town. Li Zhe is frustrated by how calm she is even when talking about something so dangerous. He blames himself for not leaving with her yesterday and thinks Tao De should really get her some body guards. Finishing his lecture with a sigh, Li Zhe confesses he’s glad she’s safe and sound.

Xue Ji genuinely thanks him for worrying about her and he swiftly denies it. He never worried. A lie. She smiles and tells him, she likes this feeling… the feeling that she’s no longer alone now that she has a family. Uncomfortable with all this mushy talk, Li Zhe goes to the bathroom, and there he here he finds her bloody clothes…

The next day, Qin Si consults a lawyer about what happens to the inheritance if Xue Ji disappears or dies. He tells Qin Si, she will get the biggest share in that case. She is pleased with the news, until her phone rings. It’s Tao De. Xue Ji wants to meet with Qin Si at the Li mansion. After ending the call with Tao De, Qin Si calls the hitmen she had hired and asks if they killed the right person. They are certain of it and send her the pictures again. Qin Si stares at her phone in utter disbelief. How can Xue Ji still be alive?

Li Zhe wasn’t planning on staying for dinner, but he changes his mind when he learns that Xue Ji was coming. He watches her arrive from the window.

Xue Ji drinks her coffee with a smile as she dines outside with Qin Si, who is still confused and scared about the entire situation. She gets jittery when Xue Ji brings up the incident in the woods. But, Xue Ji doesn’t mention the gunshot. She says she was robbed, but is relieved her new Ferrari is okay or else she would be incredibly heartbroken. Qin Si smiles awkwardly as Xue Ji tells her she wants to buy a car from every car company and asks Qin Si if that was a good idea. Qin Si nods and Xue Ji announces more of her plans, since legally speaking, Qin Si is her guardian after all. So, she should know. Xue Ji intends to draft up a will and have all her money donated to charity if she were to ever die unexpectedly. Qin Si agrees that’s a good idea, but Xue Ji is still so young she doesn’t need to decide this so early. Xue Ji says she will think some more about it then…

They go for a stroll, walking further and further away from the mansion until Qin Si suggests going back. Xue Ji stops and asks, “You want money really badly, don’t you? Even if it means killing a person?” Qin Si denies it of course and becomes defensive. However, when she turns to leave, Xue Ji holds a gun against her back. Qin Si is terrified.

Xue Ji asks, “You were happy after killing me, weren’t you? You didn’t feel a hint of guilt, did you?” Qin Si tells her to stop making up nonsense. But, Xue Ji continues, asking about the photos those men must have sent her.

Scared for her life, Qin Si admits she had plotted it all, while justifying her actions with the excuse of how miserable she’s been living for the past ten years. People never stopped gossiping about her because she married an old man. She endured it all and waited for the day to come, where she would finally get what she wanted (his money).

Xue Ji reminds her no one forced her. Qin Si choose this life, and therefore she should endure it all, rightfully so. Xue Ji pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. She laughs as Qin Si falls to the ground. There are only two bullets. They both have a 2 out of 6 chance of killing each other. Xue Ji gives the gun to Qin Si, who continues to shake…

Since Qin Si wouldn’t shoot, Xue Ji decides it must be her turn again then… Realizing Xue Ji was serious, Qin Si begs for forgiveness and promises to never do it again. Xue Ji takes out the two bullets and tells Qin Si to live her life well. Whether she becomes a good person or not, it doesn’t matter to Xue Ji. But, she warns Qin Si to never provoke her. Qin Si swears she won’t and Xue Ji threatens that if Qin Si ever tries anything like this again, she won’t be so lucky next time. Qin Si runs away.

And Xue Ji smiles slightly as she tells Li Zhe to come out. He was hiding behind a tree. She asks how long he’s been here, and he says for a while now.  Xue Ji wants to know why he followed her and he tells her he’s curious… He wants to know who she really is… [End of Episode]


I like this! The cinematography is gorgeous and the acting is pretty decent so far. Now I’m just waiting for Song Wei Long to appear! And I’m crossing my fingers that the story doesn’t get draggy or crazy on me. I find that I’m liking Li Zhe (Wang Yi Lun) more than I probably should… but I can’t help it. It’s my first time watching Wang Yi Lun and I’m smitten! I don’t even care if he’s my sister’s age. He reminds me of my first idol crush, Taiwan’s Blue Lan Zheng Long so much! lol, please don’t kill him off or make him turn evil! As for Xue Ji (Zhou Yu Tong), it’s a little hard for me to warm up to her since she’s so mysterious and a little weird at times. But, it’s obvious she’s hiding her pain behind her smiles and seemingly cheerful personality. Like Li Zhe, I’m interested in learning more about her. The actress Zhou Yu Tong looks so much like TVB’s Katy Kung though! Does anyone else see it?? I wonder if Song Wei Long resembles someone else as well… haha, anyway guys, no spoilers in the comments please! I am watching this as I recap, I really don’t want to know anything before it happens!

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    Awesome Recap, pretty clear and cute.
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