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[Interview] TFBOYS Karry Wang (Junkai): “I’m the most handsome”

CCTV’s program China Film Report (中国电影报道) recently aired an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with TFBOYS Karry Wang (Junkai).

The interview was conducted by Lan Yu and began with a speed interview.

Q: Who do you think is the most handsome among the three of you of TFBOYS?
Karry: I’m the most handsome.

Q: Netizens are very interested in how long your legs are
Karry: Last time we measured it was 104cm.

Q: If we have you give us the first lyric that comes to mind from your songs, which line would that be?
Karry: It’s “left hand, right hand,” what else would it be? I got popular from this one.

One of the topics discussed during the interview was Karry’s recent participation in entrance exams for Beijing Film Academy. While describing the three part process, Karry expressed his thoughts on how he did, “I was a little [nervous]. I think the exams are already a lot of pressure, I’m the type who is very afraid of taking exams.”

National Higher Education Entrance Examinations are also coming up for Karry. When asked which was his best subject, he surprised the interviewer by naming science as his best subject.

Debuting with TFBOYS at 13 years old, the nation watched Karry grow into the impressive young man he is today. This interview helped highlight just how much he really matured. He shared an adorable tidbit of when he first felt he was getting popular. “When I reached 200,000 followers on Weibo, I thought I was really getting popular.” With his current 22.43 million+ followers, it’s safe to say that the young Karry was right.

We wish Karry the best of luck with his exams and getting into the school of his choice!

Watch the full interview below for more of Karry’s thoughts on his acting career, exams, and his past as a trainee.