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[Drama News] Character intros & trailer for Rush to the Dead Summer 夏至未至

Rush to the Dead Summer is a drama based on Guo Jing Ming’s novel of the same name. It stars Cheney Chen and Zheng Shuang as the main leads. The drama aims to premiere this summer with 46 episodes on HunanTV. The story spans over a period of ten years, following a close group of high school friends who drifts apart after graduation and goes their separate ways as they transition into adulthood.

I have translated the character descriptions below and included the drama’s first trailer, which was uploaded by Croton Media last week. So, I’m guessing when the drama airs we should be able to find HD episodes on their official YouTube channel!

Although I haven’t read the book, based on these little snippets alone, it sounds like there will be a lot of angst involved… Oh boy, I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it…

The Characters

Chen Xue Dong as Fu Xiao Si

Amongst the crowd, he always has the calmest look in his eyes as he observes those around him and quietly assesses every situation. He is bad at expressing himself, and thus bears it all in silence. With eyes that always seem to be lost in a fog, forever in first place, a legend to others, he already made a name for himself in the artist circle during his student days. Clean and pure, he is someone who is constantly chasing the light. He is Fu Xiao Si.

Zheng Shuang as Li Xia

In every girl’s heart, there exists a girl like this: pure, warm, sincere, and compassionate. She possesses a charm that no one else has, people are drawn to her by an instinct they cannot control, and they are affected by her. In regards to friendship and love, she is brave and gives it her all. Even though fate has brought her many accidents and pain, she still remains the same and stays true to herself. She is Li Xia.

Bai Jing Ting as Lu Zhi Ang

Talkative and playful, he always had a sweet sunny smile on his face. The pains of adulthood however, has made him calm and composed, gentle and forgiving. He forever remembers his promise to his brothers and never forgets to care for his friends. The angel destined to protect Fu Xiao Si and Li Xia. He is Lu Zhi Ang.

Xia Xin Tong as Yu Jian

She is a girl who was labeled as the “problematic student”, an orphan who has never seen her parents. This unconventional girl with the most beautiful voice in the world and the most unique name, even when fate treats her unfairly, she is strong and perseveres to carve her own path in this small world. She is Yu Jian.

Zheng He Hui Zi as Yan Mo

She is a goddess in everyone’s eyes, with elegant manners, and confidence in her speech. But, the real her is weird and crazy, childish in a cute way, carefree and yet has a strong sense of justice. When it comes to love, she charges forward, unafraid of hurting herself. She is Yan Mo.

Juck Zhang as Qing Tian

Bold and reckless, with his own set of rules and way of thinking, he has extraordinary courage. But, the growing distance between his dreams and the harshness of reality causes him to miss the opportunity to be together with his childhood love. He is Qing Tian.

Wang Yu Wen as Li Yan Ran

Blessed by heaven, she is a proud little princess, with her heart towards Fu Xiao Si, she gradually loses herself. An accident forces her to give up on her life’s original trajectory, but brings her a simple kind of happiness instead. She is Li Yan Ran.

Peng Han Chen as Duan Qiao

He is the top student of the architecture department, kind and yet adorably foolish at times, always making others laugh, he insists on protecting everyone in the simplest and most innocents ways. He is Duan Qiao.

Chai Bi Yun as Cheng Qi Qi

Like a phoenix who falls from Nirvana, she was a bright shining pearl, born to be admired, beautiful in her youth, radiant with fame, she lived a life that every girl envied. But, fate and desire have destroyed her innocence. She is Cheng Qi Qi.



Are you looking forward to Rush to the Dead Summer? Will you be watching it when it airs?