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[Drama News] Fan Bing Bing’s Win the World 赢天下 releases character posters

Fan Bing Bing’s historical drama Win the World (赢天下) finally released individual character posters of the sprawling cast! Following the success of 2014’s The Empress of China, the anticipation is high for Fan Bing Bing’s return to the small screen.

The drama chronicles the story of a legendary woman in the Qin dynasty, known as “Widow Ba Qing” played by Fan Bing Bing. She is the first female entrepreneur in the history of China. Qin Shi Huang referred to her as his “elder sister” and gave her the honorary title of “Lady of Virtue”. It is uncertain how big Ba Qing’s fortune was, but it is believed that she was extremely wealthy and even contributed money towards the construction of the Great Wall. Historians also speculate that she might have had a strong army of several thousand men, to which Qin Shi Huang actually permitted and didn’t punish her for…

I don’t know how accurate that “historical” information is (lol), but I do know that Fan Bing Bing will be playing a powerful woman once again. And I’ll definitely be tuning in when it airs (most likely in 2018)!

See the cast in costume below the cut!
Beware: Image Heavy Post!