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[Drama News] Yang Yang looking handsome on the set of Martial Universe 武动乾坤

Martial Universe (武动乾坤) stars Yang Yang, Wang Likun, Crystal Zhang Tian Ai, and Wu Chun continues to film for the xianxia drama and had a media event yesterday where they accepted press interviews. Yang Yang talked about how he continues to learn through the process of acting and he believes his character this time will be refreshing to the audience as it’s different from the cold and aloof roles he’s had in the past. As for Crystal, she said her character yells a lot, so her throat has been hurting. And another interesting tidbit is that Wu Chun has been nicknamed 厨神 “master chef” by Yang Yang because whenever Wu Chun is on the set, they always have good food to eat (lol). It sounds like the cast is getting along well!

  • Chloe

    After watching that mini clip of them filming, tian ai’s character is alot cuter and weaker than i thought 😂
    Yang yang looks so good 😍

    • lol that clip was so cute and funny! It’s impressive how actors can act in front of so many people like that though. And Yang Yang’s hair + costume is totally on point! He looks really charming in period clothing 😍

  • YangYang looks so handsome. thank you for translating their interview

  • any news about when this drama will broadcast? I heard someone say 2018. it’s very long waiting. I also heard they will finish shooting drama in June 2017

    • Yeah since they are still filming, I think the earliest this will air will be in 2018… It’s always a long wait for dramas like these. But at least we’ll have Three Lives Three World’s to look forward to this summer! 😄