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[Drama News] The Hypnotist 被催眠的催眠师 is coming in April

Web drama The Hypnotist (被催眠的催眠师) will be premiering on Sohu TV on April 13th. The story takes place in the turbulent era of the early 1900’s. Hypnotist Kong Mu (Yang Le who was in Back In Time) along with hot blooded female police officer Song Yi (Zhu Yan Man Zi) encounter a series of mysterious deaths, such as the the commander’s strange suicide, and many other bizarre unexplainable cases. They use hypnosis as a way to uncover the truth in this suspenseful drama.

This looks and sounds pretty interesting to me, so I’ll probably be checking it out! If it’s good, I might even recap it lol. A trailer and more pictures are below the cut. Take a look to see if this drama suits your tastes!