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[General News] Woman spends 1 million dollars to get plastic surgery to look like Angelababy

(Left: Kang Hyemoo, Right: Angelababy)

Angelababy’s exquisite face has become the ideal standard of beauty for many young women in recent years, and there has been a growing number of requests at plastic surgery clinics where clients want to look like the Chinese actress. A woman from South Korea, an advertisement model named Kang Hyemoo was in the news this week because she allegedly spent 1 million dollars to receive plastic surgery to look like Angelababy. However most netizens feel she looks more like Yoona of SNSD. Kang Hyemoo has yet to respond to the reports.

But, aside from Kang Hyemoo, there have been several other instances where women have went under the knife to replicate Angelababy’s looks. Such as Hong Kong pseudo model actress Amy K (艾美琦) and The Voice of China contestant Wu Yu Qing (吴玉青), who has openly admitted to getting plastic surgery for the purpose of looking like Angelababy. Wu Yu Qing had even uploaded before and after pictures online in what she had titled “Plastic Surgery Diary”

Photos can be found under the cut! Do you think they look like Angelababy?

Kang Hyemoo

(Left: Kang Hyemoo, Right: Yoona of SNSD)

(Left: Yoona of SNSD, Right: Kang Hyemoo)

Amy K

Wu Yu Qing

(Above: Wu Yu Qing Post Plastic Surgery)

(Left: Wu Yu Qing Before, Right: Wu Yu Qing After Surgery)

(Left: Wu Yu Qing 13 Days After Surgery, Right: Angelababy)

(Above: Wu Yu Qing 60 Days After Surgery)

(Above: Wu Yu Qing Post Plastic Surgery)

(Left: Wu Yu Qing, Right: Angelababy)

(Left: Wu Yu Qing, Right: Angelababy)

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  • mic

    the korean girl looks more like yoona, amy k looks more like elva hsiao, wu yu qing looks like a mix between fbb & hannah (jay chou’s wife)

  • JoyBells

    The surgery looks extremely painful!

    But the transformation is just Wow! The skills of the plastic surgeon is amazing. She looks like a completely different person.

  • ….o.k I need the number of that doctor.