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[Weibo] Who is the man in Mao Xiaotong’s photo?

Rachel Mao Xiao Tong (Love O2O) updated weibo yesterday with two lovely pictures of herself. But instead of focusing on the actress, netizens were more interested in the blurry handsome profile of the man in the background of her first photo. Many fans assumed it was her boyfriend singer/actor Chen Xiang and were happy the couple was enjoying a date together. In less than 24 hours the post garnered 4280 shares, 4516 comments, and 60479 likes! However, the big shock came when it was revealed it wasn’t Chen Xiang at all…

The true identity of the mysterious man was none other than Mao Xiao Tong’s co-star Mike D. Angelo and the picture was likely taken when they were filming their modern drama Delicious Destiny (美味奇缘) together. Mike identified himself when he quoted Mao Xiao Tong’s post with the caption, “Aiya…a very hard working man is behind 😂😂😂” (lol)

Delicious Destiny Poster

Mao Xiao Tong with Chen Xiang