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[Feature] Kris Wu graces the covers of all top 10 women & men’s magazines

ELLE magazine revealed it’s cover for the month of May today, and the featured star is none other than the incredibly popular young actor/singer Kris Wu. This comes as big news because it officially marks his completion of having graced the covers of all top 10 women and men’s magazines in China in less than 2 years and 3 months!

A summary of Kris’ achievements:

  • 1st male celebrity to be on the cover of Vogue
  • 1st male celebrity to appear on the covers of all top 5 women’s magazines
  • 1st male celebrity born after 1985 on the covers of all top 5 men’s magazines
  • 1st celebrity to grace the covers of all top 10 women & men’s magazines

And a quote that I feel speaks volumes as to why this twenty-six year old is so successful today: “There are many things, if you don’t pursue yourself, other people wouldn’t care. You must do it yourself, in order to do it well. For example, I want to sleep too. But, once I sleep, an entire day’s time would have passed,” — Kris Wu in the May issue of ELLE

Take a closer look at his magazine covers below (I had only included one from each of the top 10 magazines)! Which one is your favorite?

ELLE, May 2017

ELLE Men, December 2016

Harper’s Bazaar, November 2016

GQ, October 2016

Harper’s Bazaar Men, February 2016

Cosmopolitan, January 2016

Esquire, January 2016

Marie Claire, October 2015

L’Officiel Hommes, August 2015

VOGUE, July 2015