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[Feature] Box Office Kings and Queens in China

The Chinese film industry is booming and along with it are the careers of their stars. Who do you think are the most commercially successful actors under their 60s? This list includes actors born after 1960!

This list was compiled by a user over at Movie Box Office Bar.

List for actors:

  1. Deng Chao
  2. Xu Zheng
  3. Chen Kun
  4. Kris Wu
  5. Mark Chao
  6. Zhang Hanyu
  7. Wang Baoqiang
  8. Huang Bo
  9. Jing Boran
  10. Eddie Peng
  11. Huang Xiaoming
  12. William Feng
  13. Liu Ye
  14. Li Yifeng
  15. Lin Gengxin

Deng Chao’s numbers are more than twice the person that came after him. He is undoubtedly China’s box office king. Kris Wu is the youngest person on the list and it should be noted that he only began his acting career in 2015 so he’s only been in the business for 2 years. Such great results in that timeframe!

List for actresses:

  1. Bai Baihe
  2. Yang Mi
  3. Fan Bingbing
  4. Zhao Wei
  5. Zhou Xun
  6. Shu Qi
  7. Angelababy
  8. Zhou Dongyu
  9. Zhang Ziyi
  10. Yang Zishan
  11. Tang Wei
  12. Gao Yuanyuan
  13. Xu Jinglei
  14. Ni Ni
  15. Liu Yifei

Bai Baihe had a really strong 2015 which helped push her numbers up top. It was hit after hit for the current box office queen! Zhou Dongyu is the youngest on the list while Ni Ni is the one who debuted the latest.

 Hoping for a successful 2017 for Chinese actors!

  • EVE

    I’m quite surprised and impressed by Yangmi being #2 only after the current box office queen. Didn’t have an impression that she was doing well in movies as well