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[Drama News] Chen Kun and Wan Qian are spies in The One Who Escapes 脱身者

The One Who Escapes 脱身者 is an upcoming espionage television series starring award-winning actors Chen Kun and Wan Qian as a pair of spies in late 1940s Shanghai.

This project has been getting a lot of buzz since it was announced last fall. Chen Kun, one of China’s most bankable and talented actors, has not done a TV series since Remembrance of Dreams Past back in 2009. His return to the small screen is highly anticipated. Plus it took screenwriter Wang Qi Nan nine years to develop the story–in case you need another reason to put this series on your radar.

The One Who Escapes is currently in production and slated to air later this year. Check out some recent stills from the series:

  • Fullday

    Can’t wait! I respect both main Chen Kun and Wan Qian (The glory of the Tang dynasty). They are both talented actors <3