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[Drama News] Male lead Peter Sheng talks about his character in Picked Flowers 十里洋场拾年花

Peter Sheng Yi Lun (Pretty Li Hui Zhen) is confirmed as the male lead of upcoming mega republican era drama Picked Flowers (十里洋场拾年花) and it is expected to air sometime in 2019. The cast includes Ma Su, Chen Zi Han, Bobo Gan, Monica Mu, Pan Chen, Xu Rong Zhen, Qin Hai Lu, Aaron Wang Ming Duo, Li Zong Han, Zhang Tong, Liu Guan Xiang, Lawrence Shi Fan Xi, Zhao Bin, and Ding Qiao.

They are currently filming and from reports, it seems the story will be set in Shanghai during the time period of foreign concessions within the city from 1910 to the 1920’s, focusing on a group of passionate youths who come together to start a revolution…

In an interview with Youku All Star Live, Sheng Yi Lun explained the reason he signed on for this drama was because he’s never done a republican era drama before and he felt there were many experienced actors in the cast for him to learn from. Moreover, he was attracted to the growth of his character, as he plays a journalist and the drama follows his journey from being just a small reporter at first to eventually becoming a media mogul, which he finds to be a very meaningful experience.

The actor also confirmed he’s a workaholic, he doesn’t care how people see him, he can live without his cell phone, he likes staying at home over partying with friends, he loves horror movies, his favorite singer is Jacky Cheung, he’s slow to warm up to people, when faced with a girl he likes he’s usually quiet and shy at first and then he would actively pursue her, when he’s traveling he would rather go out to explore than to simply eat delicious food, and he doesn’t know what he would do if he could start his life all over again because there are too many options aside from being an actor.

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