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[Weibo Viral] “My Dad is a Liar” netizens react

MetLife Hong Kong’s touching commercial from 2015 was creating buzz again yesterday when China’s biggest newspaper People’s Daily shared the video on their weibo page (which they titled: my dad is a liar). Even though the video about a father’s struggle in providing the best for his daughter was from two years ago, I think it’s still worth posting here and watching again (or watch it for the first time if you haven’t seen it yet) considering how beautifully it was filmed and the underlying message is one that tugs at your heartstrings!

It actually reminds me of my own parents and my own experiences growing up. We may not have been the most well off family, but my childhood was filled with the best of memories thanks to my mom (who’s no longer here) and my dad who continues to be the most amazing father in the world ❤️

“My Dad’s Story” (video is in English!)

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C-Netizens Reactions

[+2997] “Dad, I want to eat candied haw!” You asked me to wait five minutes for you. I’m 23 years old now, you still haven’t returned. Dad, I don’t want the candied haw from across the street anymore… [it’s assumed the father passed away in an accident]

[+1826] “Parents are here and parents are gone during our journey in life, all that awaits us is our return to where we came from,” We don’t have to wait until death, every moment is fleeting. A second passed is a second less.

[+845] A father’s love is as great as a mountain

[+748] It makes me think of my dad. When I was a child we were very poor, but he still bought me dolls and milk every day, allowed me to eat bananas, and he would buy me an entire case of soda during the summer. It’s only after I’ve grown up that I realized how difficult it was for our family back then, we couldn’t even afford to eat meat, yet he let me eat something as wasteful as junk food

[+554] My father is a fool, he doesn’t like to eat anything

[+500] Today, my daughter was born. To be honest, I am the only son in the family and I wanted to have a boy to pass on the family name. But, the moment my daughter and my wife came out of the delivery ward, I understood that it didn’t matter whether she was a boy or a girl, she is worth it for me to do everything I can to give her a good life. My wife has also suffered. I never thought a man like me would cry in front of so many people. I don’t want a second child; I will raise my daughter well

[+386] After I grew up it feels like our home became a hotel as my father became a driver

[+135] My dad is a migrant worker, making a living really isn’t easy. Waking early and working until late at night, his health is deteriorating. He’s frugal, yet he lets us have everything. I really miss him