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[Weibo] “Fresh Meat” celebrities unbelievable body parts

A hot topic popped up on weibo several days ago, highlighting the unbelievable body parts of some of the young “fresh meat” male celebrities in the Chinese entertainment industry today. I thought the post was a little weird lol…. although I’m sure we all have our days where we want to appreciate our biases hands and feet! So, take a look below to see if your favorite made it on the list 😛

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The List

Jiang Jinfu’s Abs

Jiang Jinfu’s chocolate abs has won the hearts of countless girls. He is an “expert” at humor, and the many exaggerated expressions he has in his photos makes it impossible for one not to laugh. He is handsome, but his silly and lovable antics have earned him the title of “Playing Cute Master” of the new generation.

Dai Chao’s Legs

At a height of 185cm, Dai Chao has perfect unbelievably long 115cm legs. Dai Chao is referred to as “long legged warm man”. Not only does he have solid and refined acting abilities, he’s also versatile. In the drama “Because of You” his devil like CEO image is extremely memorable. Wheather he’s a kindhearted warm boy or an arrogant black-bellied boss (used to describe a character who has an evil/sly personality), Dai Chao is able to deliver with his solid acting, and make every one of his characters different.

Wang Yibo’s Adam’s Apple

With a special Adam’s apple + a neck like a swan, Wang Yibo has a unique kind of sexiness. He is the “all-rounded newcomer” with unlimited potential. Wang Yibo is not only handsome, but is multi-talented, and while still young in age he is modest and courteous, having the strength of an idol.

Zhang Ruo Yun’s Chest

“Chest” weapon Zhang Ruo Yun, makes even Zhou Dong Yu want to hit someone after seeing his “assets”. Zhang Ruo Yun is handsome and has a gentle and graceful appeal, but he is also very mature. He doesn’t seek unconventional attention; he’s well-grounded and focuses on his acting.

Song Wei Long’s Various Colors

Pretty boy Song Wei Long’s face seems to have come directly out of a manga. He has sharp facial features, an eye-catching appearance; he’s good looking and has a nice body, he can act cute or play it cool. Transitioning from a model to an actor, his performance is refreshing, and he possesses a high valued face. (You can see more of him in recently finished airing drama: Long for You)

Bai Jing Ting’s Hands

Famous for his beautifully flawless pair of hands, Bai Jing Ting has the traits of a tender-hearted warm man, with a delicate sunny appearance, and a tranquil aura, he was the most handsome boy at Capital Normal University of Beijing. In his debut drama “Back in Time” he played the character Qiao Ran, a warm and quiet protector, who cherished his love and friendships for a lifetime.

C-Netizens Reactions

Weibo users commented under the post with their own personal favorite “parts” of celebrities that were not included in the list, such as:

[+4428] Zhang Yi Shan’s toe

[+2949] Xiao Bai [Jing Ting]’s mole

[+1467] Nick Wang Kai’s hands

[+1280] William Chan’s white teeth

[+1179] Ren Jia Lun’s eyes

[+1005] Zhang Yixing’s upward gaze

[+818] Yang Yang’s buttocks

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