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[Feature] Kris Wu charmingly graces the cover of ELLE (updated with interview!)

Kris Wu is the cover model for the May issue of ELLE! As we have mentioned previously, this ELLE cover is extra special because with this cover, Kris has now officially graced all top 10 women and men’s magazines in China! This news was announced several weeks ago, but today we finally get to see more of the breathtaking photos from the shoot! Look below the cut for your daily dose of Kris~

2017/04/06 Update: I have translated the full interview and included it in this post!

There are millions of idols, why only love Kris Wu?

7 movies in 18 months, worked with Luc Besson and Vin Dissel, Journey to the West: The Demons Strikes Back (西遊伏妖篇) box office broke 1.6 billion, played in the NBA Celebrity All Star Game, became the ambassador of two international brands, has more than 20 million fans on weibo, with millions of shares, Kris Wu is one of the celebrities who attracts the most attention.

From the day of the photo shoot, a series of exclamation marks have closely followed! Internationalized, he is someone with astonishing appeal, he isn’t just an icon, a string of numbers or another idol. He is real, thoughtful, sincere, and talented. Join ELLE, to open the door to the real Kris Wu.

A Bowl of Noodles at 10PM

As the 7 hour photo shoot is coming to a close, Kris Wu quietly sits on a sofa in a daze while the staff rearranges the lights on the set. The small coffee shop is crowded with about 20 crew members, busy doing their own things, walking around and talking. The only one who isn’t moving is Kris Wu.

The discomfort in his waist has gradually increased, having become serious to the point that surgery is required. However, because he is still young, he has chosen a more conservative treatment method. Of course, the most important thing is he must remember to rest, he cannot sit or stand for long periods of time.

The doctor had ordered and suggested that he be bedridden for half a year. He replied, “There’s no way [to do that], I have no control over my time,” His face was filled with helplessness, yet he didn’t hesitate to return to the basketball court, film set, recording studio, various events, and continue filming… as long as he is needed, he will be there.

There came a time when he was filming and the scene required him to do a dangerous stunt. The team wanted to stop him, but he insisted on trying, if he felt he was in decent condition he would do it himself, “I’m still young you know, so I’ll give it my all,”

At this point, it’s already 10PM. He’s sitting in the corner of the white floor to ceiling resting lounge, slurping down a bowl of soup noodles, the noodles are almost gone, but he continues to eat in enjoyment. We’re talking as we eat, he has a mouthful of soup followed by a mouthful of noodles, until the bottom of the bowl can finally be seen, he’s both happy and worried: “We’ve talked so long that I’ve finished this entire bowl of noodles, should I or should I not eat dinner tonight?”

“You must do it yourself, in order to do it well,”

In Kris Wu’s weibo profile it says: “Singer Kris Wu. Actually I am an actor,” As he is recognized more and more as an actor, Kris Wu sets aside more time for another one of his passions – music.

The single <JULY> which was created by some of the best music producers in the worlds, had reached #49 on the US iTunes chart — Kris Wu is the first Chinese male singer to achieve this. Three months ago, XXX: Return of Xander Cage‘s theme song <JUICE> also successfully entered the US iTunes chart top 28, breaking his own record. Vin Diesel had also guest starred in the MV.

His next song, is on the way.

He is the type who writes songs very quickly, all in one go, unaffected by the environment. He can write in the car and in the studio. Previously, his song <BAD GIRL> was written between takes on the set of Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (西遊伏妖篇). While he was quietly concentrating on the scenes of his character Tang Seng, the melody was created in his mind at the same time. Usually a song can be formed in 2 hours, and once it’s done he stores it away in his head.

You write that fast? Why don’t you write more?

“I actually have written a lot,” his chopsticks stop moving and he looks over with his eyes sparkling.

Why don’t you release them then? What are you waiting for?

“Because I have to ensure the best quality!”

When talking about music with Kris Wu, he suddenly surges in excitement. Before even having said anything, his confidence overflows.

Singing songs written by other people certainly saves more time and effort, but he conclusively says, “I’m not suitable” he must personally participate in the entire process. “For example, once I finish a song, someone would sing it, I’d listen and then say, okay, the melody you’re singing, I might only like the 1st verse or the 4th verse, everything else will be deleted,” He is like a strategist, he knows very well that this is what makes him comfortable, and gives him the most certainty, “Like a director within the music itself,”

Because he collaborates with many people overseas, sometimes on the other side of the world, the time difference is night and day, but when they reach the final stages of production and they need to pull their heads together, Kris Wu is considerate of the other person’s time, and it’s common for him to go without any sleep. “There are many things, if you don’t pursue yourself, other people wouldn’t care. You must do it yourself, in order to do it well. For example, I want to sleep too. But, once I sleep, an entire day’s time would have passed,”

He’s only 26 years old, yet he has already developed the “time will not wait for you” mindset.

“When the passion index is high, the hardship index will gradually reduce,”

Before releasing new music, Kris Wu would organize a small listening group, to let the people close to him hear his song, and he would listen to everyone’s opinions, including friends who know nothing about music. He would ask them, listen to these two versions and see if you notice any difference, sometimes it’s just a small change in rhythm. Some people can hear it, “It’s different, but can’t point out what it is exactly,” Which one is better? Kris Wu would patiently and carefully ask, then go back to consider everyone’s opinions and make a decision.

Creating music sometimes comes easily like a flash of light, and at other times it feels like an impossible feat, it requires one to be rational and patient. Kris Wu bears it. Do you feel that this process is difficult to endure? “No, I don’t feel it’s difficult, I find it very interesting,” A moment later, he rubs his eyes again, “Actually, yes it’s difficult, but whatever you choose to do it won’t be easy, the reason I don’t feel it’s that difficult though is because I really love it! When a person’s passion index is high, the hardship index will gradually reduce,”

Working late at nights with his crew from all the way across the ocean to create music, is a lonesome but also fulfilling process. When the sunrises, Kris Wu goes out and must face the immense pressure that comes with the fact that all eyes are on him, it is a different kind of challenge that one must overcome. Do the views and expectations of other people affect his work?

“No it doesn’t, I think it doesn’t! It shouldn’t! It never will in the future either!” he repeats this several times, as he unconsciously straightens his back, giving an answer about his perspective now and for the future.

“If I am affected by these kind of things when I’m working, then I really am just a celebrity,” Celebrity, little fresh meat, he says are titles that people have imposed on him, “[these terms are] too shallow, and all too fleeting,”

In regards to the malicious discussions and attacks, he understands them, he is used to them, he accepts them, and thanks them. That’s it.

He has also never thought of using his own music and creation to “fight back”. That is not the intention of his music, nor does he want to use the thing that he loves to fight against something so meaningless. The practical questions that we just talked about suddenly seem insignificant.

ELLE: Lastly for this interview, we want to ask about the previous year…
Kris Wu: This is the last question? Oh my god! Really? I’m so happy!

ELLE: Have you thought about the past year…
Kris Wu: No. (What are you doing? Rushing to answer?) Yes, I feel like I know what you’ll be asking. Okay, okay, go ahead and ask. (Sum up how you have grown in the past year!) It seems like I can’t. I don’t really know how to sum up myself, mainly because my math isn’t good, since I was young, and my penmanship is bad, hahaha! No, I never look back on the past.

ELLE: Many people like to talk about topics such as “the need to know yourself”
Kris Wu: Oh, how I see myself? Maybe it’s because I feel I’m very clear [in what I’m doing], and haven’t been confused, so I don’t need to re-evaluate myself. I’ve always been the same, and so has my passions, what I love, all the things that I persist and adhere to, none of it has changed.

ELLE: But, the surroundings are so chaotic and confusing…
Kris Wu: Are you talking about the smog? I’ll just stay home then! I will not be affected, I really won’t, I really won’t! I have a world of my own, this world is extremely quiet, isolated from the rest of the world, it allows me to do the things I want to do, dream the dreams that I want to dream,”

Source: ELLE

  • chuanqi

    Such a lovely shoot 😍😍😍

  • He is a beautiful human.

  • Unspoken Demise

    He is so beautiful.❤

  • mscybele x

    oh man, i always love his answers in every interview. it just shows how mature he is for his age. good luck to you, kris! you really deserve all the best things in world

    • I feel the same way! His interviews are a joy to read and they just make me love him a little more each time 😍

  • Unspoken Demise

    This man is my source of Inspiration. My love and respect for him increase 10x everytime when i read his new interview. He is just a 26 years old yet have beautiful thought.
    Haters like to take him down, but hey! Haters!! This won’t change his popularity and success as PEOPLE WITH BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>INSIGNIFICANT ATTACK.
    Love you Kris❤

    • Everything about him is amazing. He says some of the most inspiring things that makes me work harder for my own dreams. His drive and passion is definitely admirable!

      • Unspoken Demise

        Another reason why i love to stan Kris, is because he is different. Like using music and creation to fight back malicious comment and stuff is too mainstream Lol, but his thoughts are different, Like he does not want to use the thing that he loves to fight against something so meaningless…i salute him for that. My god, How beautiful is his mindset. I love him even more.

        • Same! I love his mindset and honestly I think he’s happier than a lot of people because he’s able to think this way. Celebrities usually say they don’t care about haters but then their actions show otherwise… Whereas for Kris, he’s able to do what he says.

  • FanZi

    He’s so thoughtful and eloquent with all his interview answers, I love reading them.

    My mom side wants him to stop fucking around and get the surgery on his waist already D:

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