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[Weibo Viral] Chinese firefighters called to rescue a cat – netizens react!

(Photo above is just a random google image I found!)

A woman in Anhui province called the fire department after her cat fell into a vent. Worried that they wouldn’t come save her pet, a funny exchange occurred over the phone where she asked if they would save humans. The emergency call handler answered yes, they most definitely rescue people! Thus, the woman told them she will crawl into the vent, and ask that they please come save both the cat and herself. The firefighter laughed and told her they’ll be coming immediately. After watching the video, C-netz opinions are divided and they voiced their thoughts under the weibo post! Look below to see what they have to say!

Personally, I can understand where both sides are coming from. If the woman truly did what she said, she would only cause more problems for the rescue team and put herself at risk. But, as a dog owner myself I would be scared and anxious if something like that ever happened to my baby, and would also hope that someone can help me. It’s a tough situation to be in 🙁


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C-Netizens Reactions

[+12537] Is she crazy? A firefighter’s life is not a life?

[+10251] I just want to ask if this is my ex-girlfriend. Silly, but cute

[+6438] Aren’t you afraid that cat will ask you to buy things after it comes back up? [a cat meme]

[+5043] Firefighter: Baby’s heart is bitter, but baby doesn’t say

[+3848] F*** you, this is a waste of a firefighter’s time

[+3012] The phone call was so silly

[+2530] I’m a firefighter, let me say something. Usually we will go right away [when we receive a call] and then we assess the situation. If there is no life threatening risk, we will certainly make the rescue, as it is a life after all. But, for situations where there is an extreme risk and we cannot come up with a safe plan, then we really cannot do anything, because first and foremost our job is to take out fires, we have never received training in this area and nor do we have the necessary equipment. So, I hope everyone can be more understanding of our situation!

[+2627] hahahahaha the nature of a cat slave is exposed, that is me

[+2287] Firefighters are amazing, but cat poop scoopers should keep a closer watch on their owners

[+1088] I hope she treats people the same way she treats her cat

[+1165] When I heard the firefighter say they will most definitely rescue a person, my heart skipped a beat

[+979] A waste of the police force

[+926] It wasn’t even dangerous though… when other countries rescue cats you guys praise them, but when our country does it you guys get mad

[+891] Every life is worthy

[+880] This is sister is so cute hahahaha

[+427] If I say this is a waste of manpower, people will accuse me of not caring for animals. If I say the owner did the right thing, people will accuse me of being unmindful of firefighters

  • Aw, the call was cute though!!

  • sayrify

    I wonder what was going through the cat’s mind lol

  • chuanqi

    Those firefighters were so nice! They even asked to make sure the cat was okay. Warm hearted guys haha