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[Weibo] Which actress looks best in ancient costume?

There’s an ongoing poll over on weibo asking users to vote for the actress that looks best in both female and male ancient clothing. Who do you think can convincingly dress as a beautiful lady and transform into a handsome gentleman as well? Vote for your favorite here on Two C-ents! Let’s see if international fans preference differ from C-netizens! If you need more visual reference before voting, look under the cut for photos!

Current Weibo Poll Rankings (2017/04/05)

Yang Mi 35.4% (3,455 votes)

Liu Shi Shi 17.2% (1,677 votes)

Liu Yi Fei 13.7% (1,336 votes)

Zheng Shuang 9% (884 votes)

Tang Yan 7.8% (758 votes)

Zhao Li Ying 6.7% (658 votes)

Chen Qiao En 4.6% (448 votes)

Angelababy 3.9% (386 votes)

Fan Bing Bing 1.7% (171 votes)