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[Drama News] Filming wraps up for Peter Sheng’s Oh My General 将军在上 + Picked Flowers 十里洋场拾年花 releases character posters

Filming finally wrapped up for Oh My General (将军在上), the drama adaption of Chinese novel General Above I Am Below (将军在上我在下) by Ju Hua San Li, after 170 days of hard work from the cast and crew! The drama stars Peter Sheng Yilun as the lazy useless prince and Sandra Ma Sichun as the tough mighty general. To ensure the balance of power at court, the Empress Dowager arranges a marriage between the unlikely pair. How nice lol

And, Peter Sheng has just went from one drama set to another. He’s now currently filming Picked Flowers (十里洋场拾年花), which I had written about a few days ago. The story takes place in the early 1910’s Shanghai about the entertainment industry and the start of a revolution against the foreign concessions that occupies the city. Character posters have been released. Look under the cut!

Oh My General (将军在上)

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Picked Flowers (十里洋场拾年花)

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