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[Weibo] Kris Wu, Wu Lei, Yang Yang, Luhan & Xu Weizhou demonstrate how to wear a windbreaker

Sina Fashion did a feature on handsome male celebrities wearing windbreakers yesterday to demonstrate that guys too can look fashionable this summer along with the ladies. The “fresh meat” they picked were Kris Wu, Wu Lei, Yang Yang, Luhan, and Xu Weizhou!

Kris Wu who has a height of nearly 190cm, the representative “clothes rack” gives off a warm feeling of flowers blossoming in spring when he’s in a windbreaker. Like this beige colored a-line trench coat which he had worn for the Burberry show and paired with slim fit pants and sneakers, this is the look of a fashionable guy who can go out onto the field of battle and the field of love. The look on the right is also a classic style; not even a manga character can look better than this.

The pop of blue adds a refreshing air to the traditional classic design and the focus of the black coat is placed on the flounce on the front, as it moves against the breeze and sways our hearts!

Wu Lei is incredible, after putting on a dark green windbreaker this young flower boy’s charisma is undeniable. The stripes on the shoulders of this oversized jacket add a layer of texture to the overall design. As he playfully skips along with a backpack, it doesn’t feel like he’s going to school, but moving forward into the distance [towards something bigger] instead.

Yang Yang who comes from a military background, is able to take on this Alexander McQueen windbreaker with ease. His posture echoes his origins (he had graduated from the Department of Dance in the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts), and the beautiful golden embroidery on this coat brings out an elegance only found in paintings. He is definitely dashing enough!

In the music video for his latest album, Luhan wore a PUSH BUTTON windbreaker. The coat looks a little too big, but Luhan was able to wear it like a princely cloak with a free spirited feeling. The pink hair and smoky eye makeup is a staple for Halloween, but when matched together and worn like this by Luhan, it brings about a flirty appeal.

Lastly, let’s talk about little fresh meat Xu Weizhou. As he departed for Paris Fashion Week, he wore a sky blue windbreaker with metal buttons that made the piece stand out. And the slim fit style coat he wore at the LV show highlighted the beauty and comfortable characteristics of a trench coat, not to mention he also looked young and fashionable!

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[+1,675] Kris Wu is a walking hanger ah, no matter what he wears, wherever he goes, he is a beautiful scenery 😊

[+1,406] Kris Wu has good proportions, he looks good

[+856] Kris Wu’s height, proportions, and figure is great

[+623] Burberry’s ambassador must look handsome

[+459] Kris Wu is the most handsome ❤️

[+349] Kris Wu

[+345] Kris Wu’s a really good looking guy 😘

[+231] Zhou Zhou is so handsome!

(T/N: these were the top rated comments, I did not purposely only translate comments related to Kris!)

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  • Unspoken Demise

    Kris is just.. He was made to make clothes look good .
    No wonder Fashion King look good in whatever he wears. He could wear nothing but a potato sack and still look good in it.😂

    • Eat See

      He is blessed with perfect body proportion. Anything can look good on him..even the potato sack that you mentioned hihi