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[Weibo] Old photos of young & adorable Yang Mi appear online

Old photos of Yang Mi from the earlier days of her career had resurfaced online and became a hot topic yesterday. Most netizens agree that she looked really cute even though back then she wasn’t as glamorous as she is now. Take a look at the collection of photos of Yang Mi in ancient costume below the cut!

Young Mi Mi

C-Netizens Reactions

[+2,351] Wow. It can be said that she was really cute!!!

[+1,892] Always so beautiful ❤❤

[+1,222] Support big Mi Mi. Look forward to 6.30 #YangMiReset# 8.11 #BrotherhoodOfBlades2#

[+1,081] Glowing big Mi Mi

[+755] It’s a really good drama! I’ve watched it many times! ❤❤❤

More Photos

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  • sayrify

    She looks so cute aw *saves everything*.

  • Evil_fan

    I thought she had surgery based on what people talked about her but looking at these… she probably didn’t.
    The brace did change her face a bit.