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[Weibo Viral] Video: “Those Years, the Male Gods We Chased After”

This is a lovely fanmade music video of 20 Chinese actors in ancient costume, created by weibo user 坏小孩_320. She has kindly given Two C-ents permission to share this on our YouTube channel! Please do not re-upload it. Since the video was published on March 30th, a popular entertainment blogger on weibo posted about the beautiful MV, and as of today it has received 467,000 views! Check out the English subtitled video below! It’s a feast for the eyes!

Actors include: Luhan, Liu Ruilin, Wu Lei, Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Wallace Huo, Jin Dong, Lin Gengxin, Yang Yang, Luo Jin, Yan Yikuan, William Chan, Li Yifeng, Mao Zijun, Chen Xiao, Feng Shaofeng, Vengo Gao, Wallace Chung, Yu Menglong, and Zhang Zhiyao! Turn on CC for English subs!

Who else do you think should have been in the video?? Comment and let us know!

Those Years, The Male Gods We Chased After
Dong Zhen – Blooming Flowers (Eternal Love OST)
Created by 坏小孩_320

Actors Listed in Order of Appearance:

Luhan – Fighter of Destiny (Chen Changsheng)

Liu Ruilin – Eternal Love (Zi Lan)

Wu Lei – Nirvania in Fire (Fei Liu), The Legend of Qin (Zi Ying)

Hu Ge – Chinese Paladin 3 (Fei Peng), Nirvana in Fire (Mei Zhangsu)

Wang Kai – Nirvana in Fire (Xiao Jingyan), Legend of Nine Tails Fox (Shi Taipu)

Wallace Huo – Chinese Paladin 3 (Xu Zhangqing), The Journey of Flower (Bai Zihua)

Jin Dong – Nirvana in Fire (Lin Chen)

Lin Gengxin – God of War Zhao Yun (Zhao Yun)

Yang Yang – Once Upon a Time (Ye Hua), The Four (Wu Qing)

Luo Jin – Schemes of a Beauty (Liu Ying), The Princess Wei Young (Tuoba Jun)

Yan Yikuan – Schemes of a Beauty (Liu Shaokang), All Men are Brothers (Yan Qing)

William Chan – Swords of Legends (Ling Yue), Legend of Zhu Mountain (Ding Yin)

Li Yifeng – Swords of Legends (Bali Tusu), The Legend of Chushen (Zhang Xiaofan)

Mao Zijun – Schemes of a Beauty (Liu Che), The Legend of Chushen (Qin Wuyan)

Chen Xiao – Female Prime Minister (Gao Zhan), Romance of the Condor Heroes (Yang Guo)

Feng Shaofeng – White Vengeance (Xiang Yu), Zhu Xian Dream 2 (Ye Wusheng)

Vengo Gao – Legend of Zhu Mountaing (Dan Chenzi), Eternal Love (Dong Hua)

Wallace Chung – The Magic Blade (Fu Hongxue), General and I (Chu Beijie)

Yu Menglong – Go Princess Go (9th Prince), Eternal Love (Bai Zhen)

Zhang Zhiyao – The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng (Hua Manlou), Eternal Love (Zhe Yan)

  • july

    YangYang <3 I love the soundtrack. it's funny some Eternal Love supporting actors are in but not the main actor mark zhao LOL

    • lol I was thinking the same thing! As much as I love Zhe Yan, I think he could have been switched out for Mark Chao’s Ye Hua XD