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[Movie News] 36th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony Winners + Red Carpet

The 36th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony was held on April 9th. Many actors and actresses from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China were present for the ceremony. Check out the list of winners and photos from the red carpet below.


Best Film – Trivisa 树大招风

Best Director – Frank Hui, Jevons Au, Vicky Wong (Trivisa 树大招风)

Best Screenplay – Loong Man Hong, Thomas Ng, Mak Tin Shu (Trivisa 树大招风)

Best Actor – Gordon Lam (Trivisa 树大招风)

Best Actress – Kara Hui (Happiness 幸运是我)

Best Supporting Actor – Eric Tsang (Mad World 一念无明)

Best Supporting Actress – Elaine Jin (Mad World 一念无明)

Best New Performer – Tony Wu TszTung (Weeds on Fire 点五步)

Best Cinematography – Peter Pau, Cao Yu (See You Tomorrow 摆渡人)

Best Film Editing – David Richardson, Allen Leung (Trivisa 树大招风)

Best Art Direction – Alfred Yau (See You Tomorrow 摆渡人)

Best Costume and Makeup – Kenneth Yee, Dora Ng (The Monkey King 2 西游记之孙悟空三打白骨精)

Best Stunt Director – Tung Wai (Operation Mekong 湄公河行动)

Best Sound Effects – Kinson Tsang, George Lee (Cold War 2 寒战II)

Best Visual Effects – Luke Sungjin Jung, Sung Hoon Kim, Chan Soo Kim, Chul Min Kim (The Monkey King 2西游记之孙悟空三打白骨精)

Best Original Film Score – Peter Kam, Yusuke Hatano (Soul Mate 七月与安生)

Best Original Song – Anthem Of Shatin Martins 沙燕之歌 Composer: Day Tai, Lyrics: Saville Chan, Performer: Supper Moment (Weeds on Fire 点五步)

Best New Director – Wong Chun (Mad World 一念无明)

Best Mandarin Film (China/Taiwan) – Godspeed 一路顺风

Lifetime Achievement Award – Fong YimFun

Professional Achievement Award – Yuen TaiYung

Ceremony’s Best Dressed – Shawn Yue & Elaine Jin

Best Actor – Gordon Lam
Best Actress – Kara Hui
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