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[Weibo Viral] Girls, how does it feel to be taller than 170cm?

The phrase “girls who are taller than 170cm” ranked no.4 yesterday on weibo’s hot topic list. This happened after a weibo account asked the question: “Girls, how does it feel to be taller than 170cm?” and shared some quotes within the post, supposedly from tall girls. This sparked the discussion and soon many people began talking about their own heights. The post garnered 5,584 shares, 10,133 comments, and 7,314 likes within a few hours.

Look below to see if you agree with c-netz opinions! How tall are you? Do you wish you can be taller or shorter? I’m 172cm and I love my height! lol, although I do admit, the “do you play basketball” question was very annoying when I was growing up since I wasn’t athletic at all. I was lucky if I didn’t get hit by a ball when I walked through the gym 😆

The Quotes in the Original Post

1. Every time a short guy asks: “You’re so tall, why don’t you play basketball?” I want to tell him: “You’re so short, why don’t you go sell shao bing?” [t/n: shao bing is a layered flatbread, but when the phrase “sell flatbread” is used like this it means “son of a b****”]

2. If you’re pretty you’re called a goddess, if you’re ugly you’re called a big idiot, it’s honestly the face that’s important [and not the height]

3. When I’m shoe shopping and a sales associate asks what kind of shoes I’m looking for, I can only answer, “I don’t have flats… size 39 please… when I see shoes with lifts in them it makes me sad…

4. When I wear something cute, they say I’m trying too hard. When I cut my hair, they question my gender. When I’m having fun with my girlfriends, they say we must be a couple. When I wear heels, I want to die…

5. I’m 182cm, 70kg, with thick eyebrows and short hair, I’m the star of the school basketball team, I was MVP several times, and I know how to cook. So tell me, why does a girl as excellent as me doesn’t have any pursuers?

6. I feel the same as the girls who are shorter than 155cm, when I see “one size fits all” I feel like the world has abandoned me…

7. Weighing over 100lbs is fine, but I must not be fat or else I’d look like a pyramid…

8. To this day I’m afraid to buy high heels, because if I wear them in a crowd, people will think I’m the divine needle [t/n: this is a reference to Journey to the West,; Sun Wukong’s weapon which used to be a huge column in the sea]

9. Short girls with their boyfriends look like a cute little bird [t/n: idiom that means a woman who is timid and lovely], but I just look like an awkward ostrich…

C-Netizens Reactions

[+4,661] 168cm is the most perfect

[+2,017] I’m 12 years old, 174cm. I’m still growing, what do I do?

[+1,291] I can’t ever be a cute little bird in this lifetime

[+1,289] Have you ever considered the 20 year old who is 155cm tall?

[+1,260] I’m 170cm and a little chubby, life feels meaningless 👋👋👋

[+1,042] 162cm, I’m so jealous, I always dream of growing 5cm taller 😢

[+891] 171cm, if I was a little chubbier I’d be tall, big, and strong

[+728] The 168cm me hahahahahahaha is perfect

[+634] 178cm, all pants are too short. When people see me they ask if I play basketball because my legs are so long!

[+627] 182cm… despair

[+395] What can I say, I’m 173cm? 😢😢

[+208] I’m 178cm but when I wear shoes I’m 180cm, what should I do then 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂? This means I have no boyfriend!

[+564] I’m only 160cm, I’m so envious of people with long legs 😢

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  • sayrify

    I’m 160 and wouldn’t refuse a small donation of 5cm or so 🙂