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[Drama Recap] First impressions: All About Secrets 秘果 (2017)

I checked out the web drama All about Secrets (秘果) on iQiyi today (all 24 episodes were released for VIP members on April 10th)! It’s not bad, and I’ll probably continue watching it, but I don’t think I will be doing recaps (since I need to finish Long for You).

Like most dramas, episode 1 was basically an introduction to the characters, laying down the foundation of what’s to come. And it should also be considered the most important episode, since viewers usually decide whether to watch episode 2 or drop it entirely based on the viewing experience of the first hour (sometimes I don’t even get that far). Forty-five minutes passed rather quickly for this drama and not much was really said, but I do find the characters likable enough!

All about Secrets opened with a very nice theme song and unique video with a white backdrop. I liked the slightly dramatic and nostalgic concept it was going for; therefore, I decided to give it a chance even though the first scene of the drama was as dull and cliché as I expected of a coming-of-age high school drama (a basketball scene).

We are introduced to male lead Duan Baiwen (Chen Zheyuan), a very moody but popular boy at school who suddenly walks off the court. Watching on the bleachers, are first and second female leads Yu Chizi (Li Landi) and Si Jiali (Yu Zhihui), who both seem to like Duan Baiwen.

Yu Chizi is good friends with him. So, she knows he’s upset because his father and step-mother (who is only a few years older than him) had another fight last night. With this information, spoiled-rich-princess Jiali secretly attempts to comfort Baiwen but receives a cold shoulder from him in return, which hurts her pride and makes her jealous of Chizi who gets along well with Baiwen.

Through this short exchange, it is obvious that Yu Zhihui who plays Sa Jiali is a very bad and inexperienced actress. She delivered all her lines without any real emotions in her scenes, and I almost wanted to give up on the drama. But, thankfully female lead Li Landi is much better in comparison, and I am so relieved to know she’s a decent actress because she is also the female lead of Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2 which I am very excited for!

Nerdy second male lead Feng Shanshui (Liu Jianyu) is also kind of cute (oh no, please no more second lead syndrome *cries*) and he reminds me of a younger version of Bai Yu (Memory Lost) in some angles (if you don’t believe me, watch the theme song video again lol). He is friends with Chizi and has an obvious crush on her, which is why he’s ecstatic when he learns she’s a fan of his story, which he publishes in a weekly magazine (I assume he is the author, but that hasn’t been revealed yet). Shanshui tells Chizi he knows the writer and can ask him to tell her the ending. She gives him her QQ number and is thrilled to chat with her idol that night.

Duan Baiwen’s father is good friends with Chizi’s mother, so they frequently go over to Chizi’s home for dinner. This angers Baiwen’s step-mother however and causes her to run away from home. Baiwen’s father also seemed to have had enough of the never-ending arguments though, as he secretly packed up his bags and disappeared the next morning. The step-mother returns before Baiwen leaves for school and is upset when she discovers her husband has gone missing. Not much is revealed about her character, but I actually feel kind of bad for her. She doesn’t seem like an evil person? Of course, she’ll probably get worse later on, but at the moment Baiwen doesn’t really give her an easy time either.

A new teacher Li Er (Mi Mi) arrives at the school and Baiwan is instantly attracted to her, but like all rebellious teenage boys, he decides to appear indifferent and acts all tough in front of her instead of getting on her good side. Boys are just dumb sometimes. But, thankfully for him Ms. Li doesn’t mind and actually praises him for a well written essay.

And that is the gist of episode 1. Like I said, not much happened! But, the characters didn’t annoy me (like most youth drama’s do) and aside from Yu Zhihui, everyone else acted just fine. I am also interested to see how this love triangle/quadrangle/polygon (?) develops for these kids, as it seems like everyone has a crush on someone who doesn’t like them in a return. Some hearts will definitely be broken, but that is what first loves and growing up is all about isn’t it?

*whispers* Chen Zheyuan looks like Luhan in some pictures 😆

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