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[Movie News] What is Yang Yang’s favorite line in Once Upon a Time 三生三世十里桃花?

In a short clip released by Bazaar, Yang Yang reveals his favorite line in the movie Once Upon a Time (三生三世十里桃花) is the one at the very end of the story, where he says, “Qian Qian, come here,” And I just think it’s really cute/funny because I remember Xiao Nai saying that a lot to Wei Wei in Love O2O as well! lol, you can watch the video below and take a look at photos of handsome Yang Yang attending a Watsons event from yesterday!

Bazaar Video

Watsons Event Photos

  • Juliana Maisyara

    wow thank you. I like the way when xiaonai called weiwei. yangyang is so cute in watson event

    • haha no problem~ I’m happy to report on Yang Yang since I also like him a lot, and I loved his portrayal of Xiao Nai 😄