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[Weibo Viral] Recent Photos of Passengers in a United Airlines’ Plane Draw Attention

A post that has gone viral on Weibo has since achieved 32297 shares, 12631 comments, and 115639 likes.

The original caption: Saw this on a foreign website: United Airlines’ passengers today

Many of the passengers were seen with helmets, clearly a result of the recent saga. Although netizens made fun of United Airlines, their criticism of the company is still very apparent.

Netizen Comments:

[31728] See that?! Those without helmets are shaking in fear, only those with helmets dare to seat so securely on a plane of United Airlines.

[7463] Now United Airlines can expand their business. Selling a helmet for only 998RMB. They can also sell some first aid items, one for everyone, isn’t this so beautiful?

[2931] Get ready! We’re about to start the lucky draw.

[2918] (referring to the last photo) What’s this buddy observing from the dark without a helmet?

[1071] Hahahahaha! It hurts to hit the face but they have no face!

Let’s hope that United Airlines will receive adequate consequences for their horrendous actions.