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[General News] Three strikes and you’re out! Luhan, Angelababy, Chen He, Yang Mi & Hawick Lau all deny Zhuo Wei’s wild accusations

Yesterday, paparazzi Zhuo Wei held a paid Q&A session on Weibo and made claims regarding several celebrities. Netizens were able receive answers to their questions if the price is right and, once posted, others will be able to view the answer by paying an amount.

His claims consisted of many “I heard” and “it’s said” which would indicate that it was unreliable, however the rumors still spread quickly on social media and several of the topics began trending. Since then, celebrities Luhan, Angelababy, Chen He, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s representatives have all denied his claims. 

One user asked if it was true that he gave up on following Luhan and whether he had a girlfriend. Zhuo Wei responded with:


It’s fake, We will not give up, according to an important person’s tip off, he doesn’t only have a girlfriend, he also has a child. 

Shortly after Zhuo Wei made his posts, Luhan’s manager Yang Siwei posted on her personal Weibo in response. The post was also reposted by Luhan’s Studio along with Luhan’s song “Roleplay,” which is highly recognized to be a song targetting paparazzi:


Regarding the obsession with hearsay, the power of talking doesn’t seem to be enough to fight back
The truth needs time to be revealed
They dare to make rash claims
because the feeling of getting slapped in the face feels good [to them]

Yang Siwei also gave an exclusive response to Sina:



Shamefully spreading rumors, nonsense

Another netizen asked if it was true that Angelababy had a “super intimate relationship with a Running Man member.” To this, Zhuo Wei responded:


Before male star C cheated [on his wife] it was already rumored. According to rumors, he joined Huayi because of her high recommendation. In the program they purposely pretend to be not familiar with each other.

Angelababy and Chen He released a joint official statement denying these claims and requesting that all posts and reposts of the rumor be deleted.

Another topic mentioned was Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s marriage. In response to a question regarding their current marital status, Zhuo Wei says:


Believe what I said before, if it continues to be green it gets spoiled, when it’s spoiled you toss it

Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s company has since given Sina an exclusive response:



Creating rumors without a bottom line, a clown trying to get attention from the public

Getting slammed thrice in one day! I think it’s time Zhuo Wei logs off.

  • Dulce Dy

    Zhuo Wei you need to “MAN UP” if you are a man…Spreading MALICIOUS rumours is not a True Gentleman thing..Driving a wedge between a married couple will drown you in KARMA all throughout your lifetime..One of these days the WRATH of Heaven will fall on you !!!

  • sayrify

    Boy, he seems to have a lot of time on his hands.

  • TYN123

    So basically a bunch of people paid a guy who knows to spread unfounded rumors to answer questions that they already have preconceive notions of to give them the answer they want, and another bunch of people paid to see the answer.

    Why waste money, just spread it yourself then.

    • Not as effective. They don’t have nearly as many followers as this guy.

      This guy does have his fans who are convinced he’s a true insider because he exposed a lot of relationships/scandals.

      • It’s crazy that he actually has people believing every little thing he says…. even if he clearly has no proof. All the “he said, she said” should be enough to see that he’s making stuff up!

  • LunaToown

    lol isn’t he the same guy who say luhan is a pure guy with no girlfriend …. luhan song offended him or… china entretaiment is so dirty to

    • LOL I saw someone pointing out that he recently said Luhan doesn’t have a girlfriend and now suddenly he’s saying this… smh

  • Evil_fan

    He needs to shut up and leave people alone.