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[BREAKING] Chen Yufan releases video on Weibo announcing 2015 divorce and asks that everyone gives their family space

Following the reports on Bai Baihe’s “cheating” incident, Chen Yufan posted a video on his Weibo today to announce that the couple has already divorced in 2015 and chose not to disclose this to the media in order to protect their family and child. 

Transcript translation:

Hello everyone, I am Chen Yufan. Firstly, facing all the media, I express my apologies and thank you to all our friends who have been attentive toward us. Bai Baihe and I already divorced in 2015. In order to share custody of our child and protect him until he grows up [we didn’t announce it]. After the incident, it caused a lot of hurt toward our family and our child. It also caused a lot of hurt toward Bai Baihe. So I am now announcing our situation and I hope everyone can give us some space and understanding. I also hope that everyone will face this situation with a friendly attitude. Hereon, I will be leaving the entertainment industry indefinitely in order to be able to accompany my family and raise my child, giving him more attention. Thank you to all those who have supported and loved me. Thank you everyone, I wish you all the best.

See the video subbed by Two C-Ents below: