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[Weibo Viral] How would you feel if you received 19 gifts from your boyfriend on your 19th birthday?

The topic of “good boyfriends” appeared on weibo this week and soon, pictures of the birthday gifts one girl received from her boyfriend several years ago became a topic of discussion again. For her 19th birthday her boyfriend gave her 19 gifts, to make up for all the birthdays he had missed before they met. There were things such as a pacifier, bottles of milk, lollipops, a pencil case, chocolates, a stuffed animal, lipstick, sanitary napkins, high heels, a tiara, and etc. Each item came with a little sticky note explaining why he was gifting her that item. The post garnered 10,883 shares, 9,720 comments, and 64,195 likes! Some people thought it was sweet, while others felt the boyfriend could have put in more effort. Look below to read what C-netizens have to say!

The Gifts

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C-Netizens Reactions

[+7886] I am old, the 19-year-old me would have been very happy. But, now I feel none of these items are useful. Why not use all the money to buy a decent lipstick instead hahahaha

[+7628] I don’t understand some of the comments left by women here. At 19 years old you’re not even a freshman in college yet, probably still in the third year of high school, but you already want brand names? Perhaps the one you’re in love with now doesn’t give you anything truly from the heart… but the items here are special to that age group, the beautiful age of youth. Now that I’ve said this, I’m sure some people will want to talk about when they were 19

[+3010]  I’ve been single for 22 years! If I had a girlfriend, I’d give her money everyday

[+2572] That plushie almost scared me to death…

[+1803] If I received this stuff I’d be so mad. I don’t see what’s so touching about it

[+1318] As a married woman, I feel that during this penniless age, giving your girlfriend a set of books she likes or a handmade gift would be really nice. You can even take her on a walk and give her a short piggyback ride. It’s not about money. But, this young man here seemed to have used the least amount of effort to move the heart of his girlfriend while making others feel envious at the same time. It’s such a show. But, from the comments it sounds like they have already broken up?

[+1136] I’m not jealous. I just feel like I’m watching someone put on a show. Reading the notes, you can tell he wrote them without much thought and he could have easily picked better items that would have been just as affordable. You can’t even feel an ounce of love in his words. Sorry, but I wouldn’t have accepted it

[+860] How much did all of that cost?

[+851] I liked to play with cars and yo-yo’s when I was around five or six, but if my boyfriend gave them to me now I would feel so helpless

[+514] You’re worried she’ll be afraid of sleeping alone at nights… But, look at what kind of ugly thing you got her, how can she not be afraid if she puts it on her bed?!