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[Movie News] English subbed trailer for Fist & Faith 青禾男高 starring Oho Ou & Jing Tian

Oho Ou and Jing Tian’s Fist & Faith (青禾男高) held a press conference a few days ago and released a trailer, giving us a better idea of the overall tone of the movie. I was a little confused with the information released previously, since the story didn’t seem to match up with the stills. But, I just realized Doze Niu is the producer for this film and it all makes sense now, as Fist & Faith feels very similar to his 2010’s Monga 艋舺 (which starred Ethan Ruan & Mark Chao), a little old school but gets the job done in delivering a coming-of-age story with a strong sense of brotherhood. Watch the trailer below, we’ve subbed it!


Press Conference