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[General News] Bai Baihe speaks up: Leave our family matters for us to handle ourselves

Bai Baihe has finally spoken up for the first time since it has been reported that she was “cheating on her husband Chen Yufan”.

Chen Yufan released his own video yesterday explaining that the pair has already divorced in 2015 but did not announce it for the sake of their child. Bai Baihe has now also posted on Weibo with a similar statement. Both individuals have an understanding that they want to raise their child together and give him the best environment to grow up in. Unfortunately, due to their celebrity status, their personal matters were exposed and caused great harm upon their family.

Bai Baihe’s statement translation:

Thank you to everyone that cares and loves us, we have caused you to worry. 

Regarding the effect on Yufan that this situation has caused I feel apologetic, toward Treasure [nickname for her son] and our parents I feel apologetic. In front of our child, we are always a family. I hope that everyone gives us some time and space, leave our family matters for us to handle ourselves.

Marriage is something between two families, out of consideration for our child’s growth, in order to give Treasure a proper family in his youth, we did not announce the situation to others. I apologize for all of the inconvenience that has been brought upon everyone because of this.