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[General News] Zhang Ruoyun news round-up (2017/04/19): The Fated General 大漠骠骑霍去病, Divas Hit the Road 花儿与少年, IWC event, and various photoshoots

I really like Zhang Ruoyun (Novoland: Castle in the Sky 九州天空城) after watching him in Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (无心法师) as the charming antagonist, but I couldn’t quite finish Novoland or Promise of Migratory Birds (十五年等待候鸟). Seeing his updates on weibo today though reminds me that I still need to give Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (法医秦明) a try!

The Fated General

The Fated General (大漠骠骑霍去病), the epic 70-episode historical drama that tells the tale of the famous heroic military general Huo Qubing (played by Zhang Ruoyun), released a trailer last week. I am blown away by the cinematography and cannot wait for this to air! The drama also stars Bai Yu, Mao Xiaotong, Li Hongyi, Xu Yue, and Yu Menglong.


Character Posters

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Divas Hit the Road

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Variety show Divas Hit the Road (花儿与少年) will be returning with season 3 this Sunday, April 23rd. The cast includes Zhang Ruoyun, Jing Boran, Bolin Chen, Tony Yang, Maggie Jiang, Guli Nazha, Lai Yumeng, and Song Zu Er. A press conference was held and three new posters were revealed several days ago.

Press Conference Photos

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IWC Event

Zhang Ruoyun attended an event for luxury Swiss watch manufacturer IWC (International Watch Company) yesterday, looking suave and handsome in a suit!

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Airport Fashion

Zhang Ruoyun has been traveling back and forth for promotions lately. So, here are some pics of him at the airport!

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Zhang Ruoyun’s studio shared two sets of photos of the actor this month. He looks great, but he always seems to have this melancholic air around him (or maybe I just can’t get the image of him as Zhang Xian Zong out of my head lol). So I’m definitely looking forward to seeing his cute smiles on Divas Hit the Road (花儿与少年)!

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