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[Drama News] Chen Zheyuan and Li Landi’s youth drama All About Secrets 秘果 broke 100 million views within 3 days

I wrote a first impression post on All About Secrets (秘果) last week and since then the drama has reached over 100 million views on iQiyi, which is actually considered normal for most dramas in China, but quite an accomplishment for a drama consisting of young actors! So, they released some images on their official weibo account to celebrate. I’m still on the fence about what I should recap next after I finish Long for You (hopefully by Monday). If you want to see All About Secrets recapped here on Two C-ents, then let me know by dropping a comment!

Chen Zheyuan

Li Landi

Liu Jianyu

Yu Zhihui

  • Sushi

    Oh interesting. I don’t know all of them but i like to discover new talent. Can’t wait to read ur review for this drama!


    • I am surprised too! I’m actually not familiar with the cast, but it seems like a lot of international drama viewers are interested in watching this as well. I’ll have to look up Chen Zheyuan to see what else he’s in to get a better idea why this is so popular lol