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[Drama Recap] Fighter of the Destiny 择天记 (2017) – Episodes 1 & 2

Fighter of the Destiny has premiered on Hunan TV! The drama is based on the novel of the same name (择天记) and stars Luhan, Guli Nazha, Janice Wu, Joseph Zeng, and more. The show currently airs Monday through Thursday starting from 10PM with two episodes per night. I will try my best to get the recaps out as soon as I can, but please forgive me if I fall behind!

Note: My recaps are based on the uncut episodes from the official Youtube channel.

Episode 1

The episode starts off with a young Chen Changsheng reading a story. The story is about the three clans: human clan, yao clan, and the demon clan. The human and yao clans live in peace together, however the demon clan did not get along with the others. The human and yao clans joined hands to defeat the demon clan. However, soon after the defeat, the human clan emperor suddenly passed away and the demon clan used this time to rise again. In distress, the only person left that the human clan could rely on was the queen. The queen did her best to fight the demon clan, however her powers were not enough. In order to defeat the demon clan, she decides to sacrifice her only son, the crown prince, as his blood is the only one powerful enough to defeat the clan. A meeting is then held and the queen is requested to name the next ruler, however the queen questions where everyone was when the demon clan was attacking. She questions why she can’t be the ruler, although she is female. As it becomes clear that they were looking at the next ruler, the chancellor of Guojiao Academy openly expresses his detest of the idea and the queen ordered for the execution of the academy. The queen vows to find her son.

We are brought back to little Changsheng walking with his senior, Yuren, and telling him about the story he read that day. He feels that the queen is pitiful and Yuren asks him if he misses his family, to which Changsheng shakes his head. As they are gathering different plants, Changsheng accidentally pricks himself. His blood drips on a dead leaf and we see the life come back to the leaf. Suddenly, the boys are chased after by a wolf. We are then introduced to the master of the two boys, played by Eric Tsang, as he appears to save them. He take them back to the mountain and explains to Changsheng that he must be careful to not get injured as his blood is very special. When Changsheng bleeds, it will cause his meridian channels to lose its balance. However, it is both a curse and a blessing, as his blood can also be used to save other people’s lives. His master warns him to keep this as a secret as people in the world are greedy and selfish. In the next scene, we see an older man carrying a young girl and running away from a group of attackers. The boys notice this and Changsheng attempts to help with some magic. Soon, their master also appears and helps save the older man and his granddaughter. The master figures out that the young girl’s body could not handle the power she held within. He agrees to prescribe some medicine to help her, but can not guarantee that it will work. As they leave the room, Changsheng is left alone with the girl. He remembers what his master said about his blood being able to save lives and decides to use it to save the girl. He smears a bit of his blood on her lips and she suddenly wakes up, she tells him her name is Xu Yourong. As the adults come back in the room and finds her awake, they find that everything is back in balance and she has been healed. It is apparent to Changsheng’s master that his disciple used his own blood to save the girl.Changsheng feels guilty and asks his master if he is angry with him. He is not angry, but worried that Changsheng is too kindhearted. If he continues to save people with his own blood, he will risk his own life.

Changsheng and Yourong begin spending time together during her stay. Unfortunately, their happy days playing together came to an end when they overhear the adults discussing Yourong and her grandfather’s departure from the mountain. Both children are sad that they have to split and exchange gifts with one another. Changsheng gives her something that appears to be a vial of his blood to use in case of emergency and she gives him a magical paper dove that will deliver his messages to her no matter how far she is. They bid their farewells and continue to write letters to each other.As the two grow, it is revealed from their letters that Yourong was sent away by her grandfather to learn to develop and control her powers. It appears the two eventually lost contact as a grown up Changsheng wonders if she has forgotten him.

We see grown up Changsheng suddenly faint and then awaken in a medical bath, surrounded by his master and Yuren. His master tells him that, in all these years, he has been analyzing a way to help Changsheng’s condition, however the silver line in his veins have began to move more quickly- indicating that he only has about a year of life left. He asks if there is a way to cure it, however it is incurable as it is not an illness, but his destiny. In shock after knowing his fate, Changsheng sits outside by himself. Master comes along to console him by explaining that this is just life. It turns out that he is destined to not be able to live past the age of 20. Changsheng asks if there is a way to change his fate and is told three options: 1) train to become a god before the age of 20, 2) change his life by following the guide created by the only person who has gone through this method- Zhou Dufu, or 3) stay and let his master find ways to add more years to his life. In order to obtain the guide to changing his life, Changsheng must go to Shendu and go to Ling Xu Ge, an exclusive place. The only way that Changsheng could enter Ling Xu Ge is if he participates in the big exam and places first. The exam takes place once every three years and this was coincidentally the year of the exam.

After contemplating on what to do, Changsheng decides to change his life and head to the Shendu. His master put him through a test before he allowed him to go: climb up to the top of the cliff within 3 days and obtain the sword at the very top. The cliff will have him go through all seasons and run into different creatures and hardships.As Changsheng climbs, Yuren watches from below. Yuren is worried about his junior and begs their master to help. He uses a plant which repeats what you say to secretly “record” him and sends it up to Changsheng. Changsheng eventually understands the saying and reaches the top of the cliff.Although the two boys are elated that Changsheng was able to win over their master, their master feels sad that Changsheng wants to leave him. After sulking for a little while, on the day Changsheng leaves, he hands him several items to take with him on his journey: the sword he obtained at the top of the cliff which could hold many items inside, many items inside that Changsheng may need or will likely need – especially the ten blood balancing pills that Changsheng will need to take if he ever gets insured, and a marriage scroll. Changsheng is bewildered as this is the first time he has heard of this engagement. 

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Episode 2

Changsheng questions his master about the engagement. It is revealed that Yourong’s grandfather decided to set the engagement back then in order to pay them back for saving her. Changsheng intends to break off the engagement since he may not live past 20 years old, however his master mentions that their family has some power and could help him if he ever needs it. Master turns around tells Changsheng to go before getting called back into a hug (to which master tries to get away from because he’s still busy sulking lol). Changsheng bows to his master and heads out.Next, we see the princess of the demon world, Nanke, attacking the adult Yourong. Yourong escapes into the forest and runs into Changsheng, who notices that she appears to be in pain. He checks her pulse and discovers that she has been poisoned. Both not knowing that they know each other, she is weary of him at first, but he proves to her that his medicine has no harm. Nanke quickly catches up and Changsheng offers to protect Yourong. He knows he is unable to win against Nanke due to his weak powers, but he tries to reason with her anyway only to get slapped aside. Yourong charges up to fight, but the women are stopped when Changsheng casts a freezing spell on them. He pulls Yourong out of the spell and helps her escape. As Nanke chases after them, she is also stopped by Yourong’s senior Qiushan. Unable to fight against the man she likes, she leaves.Changsheng escorts Yourong safely back to her place but forgot to ask her for her name. He nicknames her “Ms. Chu Jian” (first meeting). Nanke speaks to her master (Black Robe) back in their cave and pitches the idea that Qiushan could help them.

Qiushan returns to check on Yourong’s injuries. He offers to escort her to Nan Xi Zhai to heal, to which she declines as she has already been helped by Changsheng. Qiushan and Yourong discuss the need to find the key to Zhou Yuan before the demon clan does. Qiushan tells Yourong to leave the demon clan for him to handle and asks her to take care of her health. Changsheng arrives in the city and is fascinated by all the new things he sees.We are introduced to Bai Luoheng, princess of the yao clan, who is living next to Guojiao Academy. She also has her own meridian channel issues and has yet to find a cure. Jin Yulu, a god of the yao clan, gathers doctors from the land to take a look at Luoluo, however he spots a suspicious man who arrives and then leaves after making eye contact with Yulu.A hungry Changsheng looks for a restaurant to eat. He notices a sign that advertises Roc bird wings and steps in. He places his order expecting a huge wing only to be presented with a mere chicken wing. The naive Changsheng questions why it is just a chicken wing and is asked to leave by the restaurant owner.

Meanwhile, Luoluo who has a strong sense of smell sniffs out Changsheng’s natural body odor, which she finds to be pleasant. She tells him that none of these meats the restaurant claims to serve are authentic – they are all replaced with beef, pork, and chicken. She spots her Uncle Jin who is searching for her after she ran off and grabs Changsheng to run away with her.The mysterious man continues to follow Luoluo but appears to be afraid to attack when Uncle Jin is around. Changsheng introduces himself to Luoluo and informs her that it is his first time in Shendu. Luoluo offers to help him find a place to stay and begins to lead the way when Changsheng senses a presence up ahead. Luoluo believes it is her clan’s people looking to capture her and the two run off in a different direction. The man who was waiting was actually the mysterious man from before. Luoluo takes Changsheng to a hotel and orders him the best room they have. As soon as he is taken by the owner to his room, Uncle Jin appears and takes Luoluo back home. Changsheng is resting in his room when his meridians suddenly go off balance. He checks his arm and sees that the silver line is continuing to get longer. The mysterious man is back in the demon cave with Black Robe and discussing their attack on Luoluo. He vows to take her down the next time he sees her. Qiushan is shown diving into the water and then delivering a thousand year old lotus seed to Yourong to cure her poisoning. She expresses her gratitude for his efforts in obtaining the lotus seed for her and he leaves her to go back to her resting.

As he leaves, Moyu arrives to visit Yourong and discovers she has been attacked by the demon clan. Black Robe is the cause of Moyu’s mother’s death and she vows to take revenge if he appears. Moyu returns to the palace to report the attack of Yourong to the queen. The queen is worried about Black Robe and the possible attack from the demon clan. She orders the preparations of her people in case of the possibility. The next day, Changsheng takes his marriage scroll and heads to the Xu Family. He holds an item that his master handed him on the day he left the mountain. This item is a way to prove to the family that he is indeed affiliated with them. As he meets the guards at the gate, they are unwilling to let him in at first, he shows the item and the guard alerts Mrs. Xu of his arrival.

She doesn’t have a good preconceived opinion of him as she is unhappy that she learned of this engagement right before the death of Yourong’s grandfather. However, they are unable to cancel it due to it being set by an elder. She agrees to meet with Changsheng to get to know what this young man is like. She is not kind to him and flat out tells him that she does not agree with this engagement. Although Changsheng was there to cancel the engagement, she already had the idea that he was after their money. She talks down on him and tells him he does not match with her daughter. Although Changsheng is angry over her words, he keeps his composure and lets her know that his original intention was to cancel the engagement. However, she disrespected his master, so he changed his mind and will not cancel it until she apologizes to him.

Yourong’s personal maid runs out to ask Changsheng if it was true that he has an engagement with Yourong. He confirms this fact and she asks him not to tell anyone about it. She warns him that this could cause him troubles with others. He tells her that he really came to cancel the engagement, but he is no longer doing so because not a single person asked for his name when he arrived- not even once, showing that they did not respect him. Yourong’s parents are angry over Changsheng’s boldness and discuss a way to solve the problem. Mr. Xu does not want to cause a big scene as this was an engagement set by his father, so he asks that she let him handle it.

A meeting is held at the palace and the queen announces the commencement of school admissions. She forbids the reopening of Guojiao Academy and adjourns the meeting. Changsheng arrives at the admissions for his first of the six academies, Heaven Academy. Here, he meets Tang36, the eldest son of the wealthy Tang family. When Tang36 notices that while everyone is collecting the money he drops on the floors, Changsheng doesn’t care and wanders around on his own. He decides to make an acquaintance and they have a discussion on his “wings”. Changsheng gives him some tips on how to improve the performance of his wings and thoroughly impresses the rich boy. The two introduce themselves to each other. 

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I’m a fan of Luhan’s so I started this drama not really expecting much from the rest of the cast- but I am actually pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think I’d be into the story from what I have read about it before, but it seems the drama adaptation is doing a decent job in making it more interesting. I look forward to seeing what happens next, hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

  • LunaToown

    this drama is getting more and more interesting and luhan acting is good ass the others cast

    • chuanqi

      It is! I’m in love with Changsheng! haha

  • ShiShi

    Can’t wait for it to get subbed