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[General News] Kris Wu’s side responds regarding Zhuo Wei’s claims again: Our lawyer will handle it

Zhuo Wei just can’t seem to find a limit. Following his last response to Zhuo Wei’s rumor stirring, Kris Wu has released an official legal statement in response after the paparazzi attempted to defend his own claims through a live broadcast.

Following his paid Q&A, Zhuo Wei attempted to back up his claims by releasing audio clips of “Gina” talking about what she has been told. The clips were supposedly recorded during and interview with Zhuo Wei last year and were released as part of a “live broadcast” of a gossip show. Many netizens expressed their doubt of it’s authenticity as there were no visual evidence, to which the hosts responded with: “This is her own voice, so she said this and it doesn’t have to do with us.” It would appear that they are attempting to stir rumors and putting the blame on someone else, the classic “she said it, not me.”

Sina reached out to Kris Wu’s manager for this response:



Regarding these rumors that continue to hurt the artist’s reputation, we do not want to have to respond to this anymore. We have entrusted the issue to our lawyer to handle.

Shortly after, Kris Wu’s Studio posted a legal statement in response to the live broadcast and their claims of him “commenting on other artists,” “flirting with female celebrities through texts, and more. The statement calls these claims malicious slander and requests immediate removal of all related posts and articles to avoid legal consequences. They also announce that their legal team are currently gathering all information for legal action against all responsible parties.

Many celebrities have been speaking up against Zhuo Wei’s constant shenanigans. The female celebrity that was allegedly texting Kris Wu, Li Xiaolu, has also released a legal statement denying the rumors. Yesterday, an interview with Luhan was released of him sending a special message to Zhuo Wei. Luhan, Angelababy, Chen He, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau have all denied rumors stirred up by Zhuo Wei, but he seems to be unfazed and continues to test the industry’s limits.

  • LunaToown

    good move kriseee

  • Unspoken Demise

    I am glad Kris wu’s team has released an official legal statement but at the same time i am tired of his team’s same statement “our lawyer will handle” wtf i have been hearing/reading this for long time, but seems his lawyer is doing nothing.
    Are they hiring worst attorney ??
    And this same Gi** story is too suffocating.

    • chuanqi

      Actually, his lawyers are still working on some cases so they are doing something. These things take time, so it’s understandable. I just don’t know why his team takes so long to decide to take action.. they should have done this a long time ago.

    • L.A_21

      They actually sued Gina but they drop the case.

      • Unspoken Demise

        drop the case, as in?

      • As far as I know (and I’m pretty confident since I followed the legal matters pretty closely), what you said is not true. I don’t know where you got this idea from. The last time we heard about his lawsuits, his lawyers were working on several cases against those who slandered him and those cases are still pending. The defendants of those pending cases were never announced.

        • L.A_21

          Yes some cases are pending but the one with Gina got drop as what I’ve heard. I don’t know if it’s true though. But I wish they won’t drop the case as that girl is an attention-seeker lying bitch.

          • chuanqi

            Well I’m telling you now that it’s not… lol no such news or announcement came out. It’s likely some antis are spreading that to make her seem credible.

  • Unspoken Demise

    Change your lawyer Kris!!