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[General News] Luhan responds to Zhuo Wei: “If you keep talking nonsense I’ll lock up your mouth”

Recently, Luhan accepted an interview during his promotions for his new drama Fighter of the Destiny 择天记. During the interviews, he was asked about the rumors that surround him after paparazzi Zhuo Wei claimed the star had a secret child. To this, Luhan openly responded and had a special message for him.


A certain person.. talking nonsense! I’ll admit that you’re the #1 in China.. you’re #1 in China. I’ll admit that. You know who I’m talking about. I’m impressed. […] At first, I was really mad. At first, I almost couldn’t take it anymore, I almost went over there and.. but now there’s nothing to do. What else could they do? They can only do this much. I can only gift them with my newest song.. you are crazy boy.. rahh! I can just gift them with this. I’ll give him this song. If you keep talking nonsense I’ll lock up your mouth. 

Luhan uses the lyrics from his song “Roleplay” to send his message to Zhuo Wei. Don’t mess with Luhan!

Check out Roleplay: