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[Twitter] Wang Yilun @rileyxking knows he’s good looking and isn’t afraid to admit it

(Pictured above: Riley Wang filming on set)

Following last week’s round-up of Riley Wang Yilun’s twitter replies to fans, I am back with more! In case you don’t know, Riley is a member of Taiwanese boy band SpeXial and was recently in the addicting web-drama Long for You (我与你的光年距离). He’s currently busy filming for his next project, but that doesn’t stop him from interacting with fans. A few days ago, he even created a private chat with 1,000 lucky fans on weibo! If you weren’t quick enough to make it into the chat room, that’s okay you can continue to stalk Riley’s twitter account instead! And I’m happy to say that my love for Li Zhe in Long For You is not in vain as Riley actually noticed my tweet last night and quoted it with a compliment for himself: ‘kawaii~’ Yes, he is cute indeed. Reading his reponses always give me a good laugh!

Riley’s Twitter Replies
(Week of 2017/04/13 – 2017/04/19)

  • Thomas Hillman

    But is he more handsome than Kriss Wu though? I want to see pictures of them two side by side!!!