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[Weibo Viral] What if paparazzi stopped exposing celebrities and exposed corrupt officials instead?

A hot topic has come up on Weibo after the controversial paparazzi Zhuo Wei’s constant attempts at “exposing” celebrities (to which has received several responses and denials from the celebrities).

A screenshot of a question was posted on Weibo asking the hypothetical question: what if paparazzi stalked officials instead of celebrities? 


Q: If paparazzi stopped stalking celebrities and instead stalked officials, then would there be a drop in number of corrupt officials?

A: Then there would be a cure for paparazzi

The post has since garnered over 7700 of reposts, 7,500 comments and over 66,000 likes.

Check out what netizens think of this interesting question!

Netizen Comments:

Source: Weibo post by 思想聚焦

[+18417] Ask Zhuo Wei if he dares?

[+15133] Suggest having the paparazzi collaborate with the Anti-Corruption Bureau

[+14508] Anti-Corruption Bureau needs talent like Zhuo Wei

[+7394] There would be a drop in paparazzi

[+6095] Let the paparazzi have a way in but no way out

[+5867] This is to risk your life secretly filming

[+4705] Does Zhuo Wei dare to? Might suddenly get assassinated

[+3293] Hahahahahahaha even when they answer they did it anonymously

[+2742] Then the paparazzi occupation will become history

[+2688] To the paparazzi, this is an issue of giving away their life

  • sayrify

    Too chicken to mess with politicians smh.

  • WD79

    Haha must be the influence of In The Name of People 🙂

  • 천송이

    Look like Zhuo Wei can find a new job…