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[Weibo] Kris Wu looks good in anything and everything!

A fashion blogger on weibo praised Kris Wu for his fashion sense and ability to wear just about any style and look good in it. The user included photos of nine different Kris Wu “looks” and suggested that girls ask their boyfriends to try these outfits sometime! Look below to see what netizens have to say 😀

C-Netizens Reactions

[+780] The basic requirement is he must be tall and handsome

[+580] Please don’t lie to me. If my boyfriend dressed like this he would look like an uncle. Kris looks good in anything because he has the full package

[+541] I honestly didn’t notice the clothes, blame my bad eyesight

[+320] If you say this kind of clothing only looks “okay” on him, then there are no other trend setters in the fashion world! I don’t think there are many people who are able to get a well known fashion designer to specially make a limited edition jacket just for him! #KrisWu

[+300] He has the confidence to pull it off

[+248] Too handsome!

[+237] Not only does he know how wear clothes well, he’s also a good singer, Kris Wu ❤️

[+195] The key here is you have to be 187cm

[+132] He has a good body, he looks good in anything

  • L.A_21

    Yeah basically he looks good at everything because he’s lean & tall + his face complete his outfit. <3

  • Unspoken Demise

    “The key here is you have to be 187 cm” Lol ..My 187 cm tall man. 😍