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[Drama News] Private Shushan College 私立蜀山学园 releases stills of Wang Yilun, Chen Yuqi, and Wang Yibo

(Pictured above is Wang Yilun as Qiu Qi)

Riley Wang Yilun (Long For You) is currently filming the fantasy youth campus drama Private Shushan College (私立蜀山学园), which is based off of the video game of the same name. The drama is described as a modern day xianxia story, which means magic and demons will be involved…

I don’t particularly like this genre and have never been able to finish any drama of its kind. So, I’m not really all that excited for this. But, Riley is enough for me to at least follow along for now and I’ll decide if it’s watchable after they release a trailer! Private Shushan College also stars Yukee Chen Yuqi and UNIQ’s Wang Yibo. The drama held its booting ceremony in March and is expected to film until the end of June.


Riley Wang Yilun as Qiu Qi

Yukee Chen Yuqi as Xing Hui

Wang Yibo as Teng Jing

Booting Ceremony

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