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[Drama Recap] Fighter of the Destiny 择天记 (2017) – Episodes 3 & 4

Changsheng constantly does the unexpected and enters the forbidden school. Luoluo is determined to make him her master.

Note: My recaps are based on the uncut episodes from the official Youtube channel.

Episode 3

Changsheng and Tang36 meet and introduce themselves to each other as they wait to take the exam for entrance into Tiandao Academy. The academy representatives arrive to welcome those who were present for the entrance exams and show the last Qingyun ranking. Tang36 shows off his confidence in himself by crossing his own name off the board. The nephew of the Queen suddenly arrives and gets special treatment due to his relations.

The exam begins with the testing of each individual’s power. Their power is tested by touching a “sensory rock” which lights up according to your true power. Changsheng reveals to Tang36 that he has never cultivated (his power) before nor has he found his destiny star. Tang36 is shocked that Changsheng would try to take the exam when he has never cultivated. He explains to him: If you focus, you can find your star. If you find your star, you can use the starlight to purify yourself. Pretty much everyone who is taking the exam has already found their star.Although he finds it absurd, Tang36 tries to find a solution for his new friend. He decides to go ahead of Changsheng, in hopes that he can somehow pass too after watching how it’s done. The rock lights up brightly as Tang36 puts his hand on it and impresses everyone. Next up is Changsheng, but he was unable to get the rock to give any type of reaction.He explains to the academy that there is a rule which allows him to enter the school by taking a written exam even if he fails the sensory rock. They agree to allow him to take the exam. Tang36 becomes more and more fond of Changsheng and wishes to become brothers.

Changsheng begins his exam and is ordered to find the character that is not a duplicate within the time of one fully burned incense. Changsheng quickly finds the character and passes the exam. The two boys return outside to await the results. Changsheng and Tang36 chat and praise each other and Tang36 tells Changsheng he’ll give him a set of wings once they become disciples of the school so that they could fly together.The results are posted, but to the surprise of both boys, Chen Changsheng’s name was no where to be found. Changsheng decides to leave and try other schools. Feeling unjust for his new friend, Tang36 questions why the school did not accept him. They warn him that to stay away from Changsheng as he has offended someone powerful.Tang36 asks Changsheng if he insists on trying other schools, to which he says yes. He wishes him good luck and offers to buy him dinner that night. Changsheng heads toward Zhaixing Academy next for the exam. At this school, the requirement for entrance is to be able to stay in the arena with a demon clan giant for the time of one fully burned incense using nothing but their bare hands to hit the giant (no weapons).

The first student Changsheng watches battle it out with the giant is Xuanyuan Po of the Yao clan. He manages to narrowly escape the giant as the incense burned out. The kindhearted Changsheng heads over to chat with the exhausted Xuanyuan Po. He calls him an amazing warrior and offers him a recovery pill to help regain his energy.Changsheng is up next to face the giant. Instead of attacking the giant with his fists like Xuanyuan Po did, Changsheng begins playing a tune on his xun (a Chinese instrument similar to a flute). It turns out that the tune is used to hypnotize and was perfect for defeating the demon clan’s giant. As the giant falls into a trance, the school representatives suddenly release more giants to attack Changsheng. Faced with a new obstacle, the quick witted Changsheng protects himself with a barrier and continues to play the tune. He manages to pass the test and knock out all the giants.Although he passed, his name is once again not listed in the acceptance board. When he questions the academy, they let him know that they can not accept him. He is not told why he was not accepted, but was suggested to leave Shendu as soon as possible for his own safety. Xuanyuan Po, like Tang36, felt upset for his new friend and also confronted the school. He was warned to stay away from Changsheng, to which he does not listen. Running after Changsheng, he attempts to comfort him and ask him whether he will continue to other schools. Changsheng informs him that he’ll be taking a break to head to an arrangement.

Changsheng meets with Tang36 for their dinner date and the two discuss Changsheng’s plans. Tang36 warns Changsheng not to bother with Guojiao Academy as it has been closed down for many years and can not be reopened unless someone solves the obstacle that was put in place by the Pope. Tang36 convinces Changsheng that this is an unsolvable obstacle as it is put in place by the powerful Pope. “Even Xu Yourong can’t do it,” he says. Hearing the name of his childhood friend, Changsheng asks Tang36 about her. He finds out that she is very powerful and beautiful – a person who garners great envy from her peers. He also finds out that she has someone by the name of Qiushan who everyone considers her perfect match.After being rejected by five of the six academies, Changsheng is left with no choice but to try Guojiao Academy. He opens the doors to the school and steps in only to find arrows shooting toward him from both sides. Although he successfully passes through with no harm, he is met with the next obstacle – rotating swords from several pillars ahead. The pope, queen, and Moyu sense that someone has entered the school and triggered the obstacles.

A man steps toward Changsheng and tells him that no one has managed to step out of the school alive after entering. Changsheng asks who he is and finds out he is Xu Weixin, Xu Yourong’s father. He offers Changsheng to give him back what he took from him or anything he wants as long as he gives him what he wants. Changsheng shows his reluctance and Xu Weixin asks him if he is not afraid of death, to which Changsheng replies, “I am. Which is why I came to Shendu. Because here there is hope for me to live on.”Xu Weixin continues to threaten Changsheng’s safety if he does not cancel the engagement to Yourong and leave Shendu, however Changsheng does not budge. Xu Weixin leaves and Tang36 arrives to see Changsheng approaching the swords. He begs him not to move any closer and get back to safety. Meanwhile, Luoluo and Uncle Jin are watching them from the door.

Tang36 begs Changsheng not to try to get into Guojiao Academy due to it’s danger and reputation. The sword obstacle is not something easy to overcome and even if you were to overcome it, you would be offending the Queen. Despite the warnings, Changsheng is still interested in Guojiao Academy.In the palace, the Pope meets with the Queen and they are both aware of someone disturbing Guojiao Academy. To ease the Queen’s worries, the Pope ensures her that the six academies will always be there to protect her throne.Changsheng spends a night trying to figure out a way to overcome the obstacle. While Tang36 is still asleep, he heads back to the school to try to break it. Tang36 arrives just in time to warn him to be careful as Changsheng believes he can get through. The Queen’s nephew also arrives and vows to kill Changsheng even if he gets through.Changsheng successfully breaks through the obstacle and wonders if this means he will be able to enter Guojiao Academy. Tang36 tells him that although it will be a difficult topic to bring up as the last chancellor of the academy was the Pope’s senior, he should go find the Pope to reopen the academy. Changsheng heads to find the Pope, but is told to go away.

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Episode 4

The Pope is alerted that there is a young man who is searching for him, but he decides to have Changsheng wait for him. A day passes by and the Pope is finally ready to meet Changsheng. He sends a magical little leaf which teleports Changsheng to his office.

Changsheng gets straight to the point and requests to reopen the school, however since there is not a single student or teacher in the school, the Pope questions why he does not apply to other schools. He let’s him know that he did apply to other schools but none dared to accept him. The Pope sympathizes but is unable to help him change the mind of the other schools.Thinking that this means the Pope isn’t going to allow him to reopen Guojiao Academy, Changsheng gets on his knees and begs for this last chance. The Pope is startled and heads over to pick him back up. He tells him that he doesn’t need to kneel to anyone as the rules allow him to reopen the school. The only condition that Changsheng needs to fulfill is to find the key to the front gate of the academy in order to properly reopen.

Changsheng is brought into the academy and told he can live there for the time being and find a new future to work towards as it is likely the key will not be able to be found. Changsheng considers Guojiao Academy as his future. Since the Pope is impressed by Changsheng, he ordered that Changsheng is to receive whatever he needs, be it money or anything else.Yourong and Qiushan enter the palace to meet the Queen. The Queen is worried about Yourong’s injuries and asks about the incident. Yourong ensures the Queen that she is fine and updates her on their search for the key to Zhou Yuan. It is extremely important that they find the key before the demon clan.Moyu teases Yourong about her relationship with Qiushan. Yourong insists that they are just a senior-junior relationship, though Moyu thinks they are a perfect match.

Yourong wanders and ends up at the front of Guojiao Academy, the vial Changsheng gave her when they were younger suddenly lights up. On the other side of the door, Changsheng is also walking around the academy but both turn away and continue with their own business.Changsheng attempts to find his destiny star but is unsuccessful. He recalls what his master said about the silver line on his arm, yet is determined to find a way to change his destiny.

In the Xu residence, Yourong’s parents are once again in distress over Changsheng. He has done the unexpected and managed to reopened Guojiao Academy despite their efforts to stop him. Xu Weixin thinks it is too early to decide whether he is lucky or unlucky.Tang36 shows up at Guojiao Academy with magical tools to help Changsheng tidy up the academy. Changsheng continues exploring the academy and stumbles upon the extravagant library, a place where he will spend most of his time. He finds a book on purifying and follows its instructions to try and find his destiny star once again, only to fail again. He finally understands why master wouldn’t allow him to cultivate. The easy task of searching for his destiny star was enough to nearly kill him. Still, he continues to try, to at which point he begins to bleed.His blood has a special scent which awakens Luoluo, who finds it very familiar. Luoluo decides to sneak out and search for the pleasant smell. Suddenly, the mysterious man who stalked her before appears in front of her. She tries to escape, but is pulled back. When negotiating doesn’t work out, Luoluo has no choice but to fight for her life.Changsheng hears noises outside and checks to see what is going on. Seeing Luoluo being attacked, he repeats a scripture from afar and guides her in her fight. When the man is frustrated from the attacks, he asks who is out there. Changsheng appears and explains how he was able to break his magic.

Angered, the man summons the demon clan’s Fog Net. Luoluo tells Changsheng exactly what it is and explains that no one can escape from it. She attempts to break it, but it was far too powerful and resulted in her fainting. With no other options, Changsheng goes up with his sword. Before fainting, Luoluo watches Changsheng run up to save them.He successfully breaks the Fog Net and the man escapes. At this time, Uncle Jin and his men arrive to find Luoluo fainted. They take Luoluo inside for treatment from Changsheng. Uncle Jin warns Changsheng that the yao clan’s meridian channels are different are different from people and needs to be treated carefully, however he is confident that he could treat her.

Luoluo wakes up and starts asking Changsheng how he knows all the scriptures and how to break the Fog Net. Uncle Jin is in disbelief as there are so many scriptures, there is no way a person could memorize it all- but Changsheng did. He finishes up, lets Uncle Jin know he will prescribe some medicine for Luoluo and leaves.Luoluo is completely mesmerized by Changsheng at this point. Uncle Jin snaps her out of it and lectures her. Luoluo explains that her escape was not pure luck but thanks to Changsheng. She asks Uncle Jin how Changsheng could possibly know so much at a young age and expresses that she wishes to become his disciple.

The next day, Luoluo shows up at Guojiao Academy to thank Changsheng for saving her. She presents him with many presents and asks him to take her in as his disciple, to which Changsheng rejects. But Luoluo is not one to give up easily! She sticks around and does all that she can to try to convince him to become her master. Back at the palace, Moyu and the Queen discuss the protection of Luoluo after the attack. The Queen sends Moyu to protect her and requests that Luoluo lives in the palace in order to be safe. Unfortunately, Luoluo is against the idea and only wishes for Changsheng to become her master. 

Luoluo continues to find ways to make Changsheng accept her, but when he spots her waiting for him, he attempts to hide. Unfortunate timing, however, as Xuanyuan Po shows up and loudly calls out his name. He has brought some alcohol and offers it to both Changsheng and Luoluo to try. Later, Changsheng takes a bath but suddenly notices that the wall in front of him was being broken down. 

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 I only have one thought: Luhan taking a bath is the best thing to happen in this drama. HAHA