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[Variety News] Zhao Liying films with the 72 Floors of Mystery team for the first time!

The cast are in Ningbo to film the show. They will be filming for 2 days!

Below are several pics. Kris and Liying seem to be paired together for a mission.

Click to see more pics!

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Kris Wu was also filming in Beijing yesterday and that resulted in an amusing out-of-context GIF.

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  • alltalk

    omg that GIF! hahaha. I saw your tweet about creating a subbing team for the show – can’t wait for that! I wish there’s a subbing team for Divas Hit the Road 2 even though there’s no Yang Yang this time ㅋㅋㅋ I’m looking forward to watch this show. <333 Zhao Liying, William and little Leo ;D

    • I know it’s not the same as having subtitles, but I will be recapping Divas Hit the Road. The recap for episode 1 should be up by tomorrow. If you’re interested, please come and join the discussion when it’s up!

      • alltalk

        Yeayyy! That will do while we wait for the show to be subbed. Thank you for doing the recap dear ^^

        • No problem! I just watched the first episode today and it seems like it’ll be a fun season! Hopefully someone will sub it soon 😄

    • We aren’t sure yet if we’re going to be able to sub 72 Floors, we’re still checking with a Kris subbing group and also trying to find if there are some willing ZLY stans who want to help.

      Yeah, I wish more Chinese variety shows are subbed! Hopefully a streaming platform buys the rights and subs the shows 😀